Tanqueray Garden At 100 Wardour St Review

100 Wardour St is hosting the Tanqueray Garden this summer. This event is part of D&Ds London Blossom City 2018 event.

A small space, with windows over looking the street, has been transferred into a floral garden featuring floral walls. With seating, and space for a bit of a dance, the atmosphere was laid-back and casual, perfect for after work drinks.

A moveable drinks cart serves up the floral Tanqueray cocktails. There are five different cocktails costing £10 each. The ‘Bergamia Collins’ comprised of Tanqueray Sevilla, lemon juice, homemade rose and orange syrup, bergamot liqueur and soda. It was served in a in bronze bucket with orange and a flower. The gin was strong though there was not much flavour. The ‘Greater London’ features Tanqueray London Dry, lemon juice, homemade and cardamom, juniper and verbena lemon syrup served with basil and a lemon wedge. This citrus cocktail was refreshing though the lemon was a little over powering.
By far the favourite of the evening was the ‘English Garden’. Tanqueray London Dry has been paired with lemon juice, elder flower cordial, egg white and cucumber. It is served in an extremely tall glass with a flower at the base. There is pink raspberry decoration on the cocktail.

Unfortunately I never got to try two of the cocktails as only a small amount of each cocktail came around, but they looked amazing. The ‘Wicked’ cocktail comprised of Tanqueray No TEN, apple juice, raspberry infused Strega liqueur and peychaud bitters. The ‘Bijoux’ comprises Tanqueray No. TEN, sweet vermouth, green chartreuse and orange zest.

This year BlossomCity is bought to us by a collaboration between D&D London and Lady Garden Foundation. 100 Wardour St, along with many other venues, will be adding £1 to your bill to help raise awareness for gynaecological cancer.

The Tanqueray Garden is open throughout June.

Address: 100 Wardour Street, London. W1F 0TN

Phone: 0207 314 4000


Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @100WardourSt or @tanquerayGB

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Written by Caitlin Neal