Science + Industry in Manchester: Review

110Hidden bars are thing of mystery and intrigue. We found a brilliant new one in the form of Science + Industry, the First Floor Bar above Cane and Grain in Manchester. Science + Industry features its own back room laboratory where the team are creating exotic ingredients and pushing boundaries of molecular mixology. Master mixologist, bar manager and chief trainer for The Liars Group, Massimo Zitti mans the laboratory and we got to have a sneaky little peek in the lab. It’s pretty impressive.  The hidden bar is absolutely gorgeous. Dimly lit, the bar has a very intimidate speakeasy feel. It’s also extremely gorgeous. Manchester inspired worker bee wallpaper adorns the walls and the ornate lighting fixtures are something to look out for. Taxidermy Squirrel Lights are extremely eye catching.

139During our Saturday evening we joined the Manchester Worker Bee Project to undertake a cocktail master class. What is the Worker Bee Project you ask, it’s a project designed to bring together all the great things of Manchester back in the public eye. Bloggers from around the world were brought to Manchester to visit amazing bars and reintegrate tourism here. We were lucky to get to be part of it for an hour and a half. Masterclasses are priced at £35.00 and gets you two cocktails.IMG_6938d

The master class allowed us to create two fancy cocktails in the form of the Tribunal Express and the Skies & Rivers. The Tribunal Express was reminiscent of an Expresso Martini and involved playing with dry ice. While the Skies & River’s, a Manchester Gin based cocktail with a Mezcal twist was easy to drink. It was extremely fun making  the cocktails and adding the bits of flair that make creating cocktails a little bit magic.


Our favourite cocktail of the night though was, head hostess with the mostess Hannah’s suggestion. The King Of Kings! Lemongrass infused Koko Kanu Run, Cuban Run, Cream and Milk (half and half),  Spiced Pineapple with Coconut Water Ice and Fresh Pineapple. It was served in a hollowed out coconut with a huge amount of fresh fruit, chocolate and icing sugar. It was divine! Absolute Heaven and I gave myself brain freezes as I consumed this drink a tad too eagerly. I loved this cocktail so much, after visiting another bar we returned for a second one. Staff at Science + Industry were great. Bantering with guests and allowing us to occupy the bar watching them whip up master pieces for other guests. We wished we’d stayed for food as well as whatever was coming out of the kitchen also looked amazing.

So if you’re ever in Manchester, make sure you visit Science + Industry, you’ll be in a treat. We even hope you meet Jack, Mixologist extraordinaire and all time champion of banter. He’ll look after all your cocktail needs. Then make sure you vote for Science + Industry in the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards. They definitely deserve it.

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Reporter: Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1