The Bloomsbury Ballroom

I’d been to the Bloomsbury Ballroom before, but this time was different. No prohibition theme, no dark circus, this time we were celebrating the start of something new. The ballroom has taken on new staff, changed some of its old staff and had a seasonal refresh.

DSC_0235Although it maintains its Art Deco history and skeleton, the atmosphere and overall feel of the place has changed. You might argue it was a return to its roots – somewhere people can go and have a sophisticated drink among pleasant surroundings and relax while listening to some live music.

The main space – the Ballroom itself, is now a larger space and decked with comfortable sofas, high tables and a fine stage and lighting rig to go with its new ambiance. It is also an ideal events venue and is available as such. This evening, everyone was done out to suit the ‘Divine Decadence’ theme and had thrown on their glad rags. Were it not for the omnipresence of smartphones and digital cameras you could have believed we were back in the 1920s and 30s.


The times ahead are exciting ones for the Bloomsbury Ballroom. With seasonal refreshes coming, yup, you guessed it, every season. A new catering staff, a sleeker and more refined bar and a whole new approach to how it markets itself make for an exciting proposition. I look forward to many more exciting and varied nights there.

You can find the Bloomsbury Ballroom online, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Reporter: Peter Churchill