Si5 Spy Missions


Si5 Spy Missions opened its first site in Cambridge in 2006 and have now opened their fifth site in Croydon. When I received the email to come test out a ‘James Bond Meet Crystal Maze’ experience, I didn’t care that the game is designed for ages six and above, I can certainly tell you us three 30+ year olds enjoyed it just as much or even more than the kids are bound to.

We arrived at a large 10,000 square feet warehouse in Croydon on Sunday at 11:00am and were ready to take on a one-hour mission that included a series of mental and physical puzzles and challenges. Meeting our guide (Ash) we were debriefed on our mission. Agent Malice has directed a missile to blow up London and it was our job to stop it.


I was chosen as captain, while my fellow ONIN London Reporters were my co-pilot and crew.After the briefing we were taken to a ‘Dynamic hover craft’ and set with the task to take our hover craft to the hijacked ship, The Steadfast. From the start, we were all immersed in the fun story line and race against the clock to solve the puzzles and ensure our hover craft reached our destination quickly. Once we made it safely to The Steadfast, our tasks involved solving clues, avoiding cameras and security systems, dodging laser beams and using the ventilation system to move around undetected.

We were in stitches at times while we ran, crawled, climbed, slid and shimmied our way through our mission. If Si5 Spy Missions had cameras filming us during our hour spent there, the video would have gone viral immediately. We must have looked extremely hilarious the entire time.


Luckily with the help from our guide who leads young and old adventurers alike through the experience, we managed to get to the missile, disable it successfully and make our way safely off the ship before we were caught by Agent Malice and his henchmen.


The venue is definitely designed for younger children and families, but we were all super impressed with how much work and effort has gone in to creating a realistic and fun experience. There are three different levels of difficulty for different age groups( 6-7, 8-13 and 14 and older). This is without a doubt a perfect for Birthday parties and a family day out, as when young spies arrive safely back in the café, food will be bought to the table. For more information about prices and booking details, visit:

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1


Tel 07467 953871 “Phone lines manned – 10 am-5pm Tuesday, 4-7pm Thurs Friday, 10am-5pm Sat and Sunday

Email: [email protected]

Waterworks Yard, Croydon   CR0 1TR