Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire – the ultimate VR experience Review

A not so long time ago in a Westfield far far away…

Imagine being to able to venture to a distant galaxy, embark on a mission fraught with danger, escape the mundane nature of reality and fully immerse yourself into the legendary Star Wars™ universe.

What is this exciting space adventure I speak of, you might ask? That would be The Void Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire based at Westfield Stratford City. The Void invites you to journey with them into a fully immersive experience that defies belief. If you are unfamiliar with the American company, they specialise in creating unique Virtual reality walk-through experiences. Believe me, they are at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

The appeal of Secrets of the Empire is clearly obvious if you are an avid Star Wars™ fan like myself. Although this is still a very enjoyable experience to those not familiar in the ways of the force.

Upon entry you are fitted with a VR headset which is comfortably worn digital equipment and are plunged deep into mystery and intrigue of the Star Wars™ universe. The realism of the experience is mesmerising, as your senses are saturated, fully immersing you into this galactic adventure. From the second you step onto the volcanic planet of Mustafar, you can literally feel yourself being engulfed by the flames. As the tension builds and you become engaged in battle with Storm Troopers the impact of being subjected to laser fire is frightening yet exhilarating. Collaboration with friends is not only vital but also a key component of the enjoyment, as you can easily communicate with your team throughout to overcome obstacles. It is so much fun!

I am reluctant to spoil anything, as this is an experience you simply must try! The story is well written, excellently paced and leaves you wanting more when it concludes. If you are sitting on the fence a little rest assured that Secrets of the Empire requires no prior knowledge of the Star Wars™ universe and is easily accommodating to casual fans or new comers to the franchise.

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough as this is a unique opportunity, only made possible by some pretty impressive technology. The Void Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire concludes on the 19th of June 2018, so there isn’t much time left before the Secrets of the Empire closes never to be seen again. Don’t hesitate get your £30 tickets now and May The Force Be With You.

Website: www.thevoid.com/dimensions/starwars/secretsoftheempire


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London, UK

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Written by Dwayne P.