The Good Egg @ Cotrado

Everyone loves the weekend. A chance to chillax and hang out with chums or your hubby. Sunday brunch is the ultimate chill out meal and choosing where to go is difficult in London, with so many cracking options.

Last Sunday after hearing of a ‘Egg-tacular’ brunching spot, we were lucky enough to catch The Good Egg’s final weekend at Cortado near Angel. Actually lucky is an understatement.

imageWe worked up our appetite after taking a morning stroll from Angel (well we drooled at the gorge houses en route!), and sat outside Cortado which could easily be mistaken for an estate agents. But inside a ‘egg-strodinary’ brunch was waiting. With the menu laid out in front of us and a mocha (a Sunday must!) in hand we browsed the menu, longing to try all the eggy treats that The Good Egg had on offer. After the help of a lovely lady chomping on her eggs in the window we whittled our choice down to two meal options. A fried egg hash; topped with salted beef, caramelised onion and a Russian dressing, and a Egg Rothko; sautéed challah, honey mustard ham with a secret cheesy mix teamed with rocket and slow roasted tomatoes. As it was nearly lunch time and a grumble wracked our tumbles (or tummies for normal folk) we selected some seasoned fries to accompany our choices.

imageBefore we knew it our nosh had arrived and we heartily tucked in. It was ‘egg-zactly’ what we needed. We topped our sweet Jewish bread with chunks of beef, egg and potato hash, lathering it with the Russian dressing which was divine. The eggs were sunny side up, which I blimin love (non of this hard, cakey yolk!)

The cheesy Rothko was lathered in smooth cheese and meaty ham. The fries turned out to be crispy, seasoned potatoes which crunched with all the zeal of great chips. Mmmmmmm, it was ‘egg-strodinary’.

imageI think I may have ‘egg-revated’ my friend (does that one work? I just wanted to try it out) with my fork hovering over his side of the table most of the time! Plus I stuffed the rocket in my mouth before he had even picked up his fork, sorry force of habit, greens first.

Before we left we treated our sweet tooth to a couple of cups filled with fresh smooth orange juice while we sat in the sun and chatted like old biddys*. Bliss.

imageAnd I believe the guys have helped me purge the egg based puns from my system, until the next time…..

The Good Egg guys have just finished their stint at Cortado, however check out their website, @TheGoodEgg_/TheGoodEggCo and Instagram pages for more egg-cational adventures! Oops…..

Reporter: Aspen Glencross @GollumCrackCorn


*biddy (n) – usually coupled with ‘old’; an elderly person (whose pace of life is considerably slower than their fresh faced counterparts) who interferes and natters.