The Good Egg Review

The Good Egg has held a special place in our hearts for years, ever since we tried the Sabih pita stuffed with fried aubergine, tahini and eggs at the Stoke Newington branch.

Situated a short walk from Abney Park – one of the most peaceful nature spots in London – and with a quirky brunch menu and relaxed hipster-slash-yummy-mummy vibe, it has since become a staple in the neighbourhood.

So when a new branch opened up in Camden, we were more than eager to visit.

Located smack-bang in the middle of the famous London market, this venue has a very different atmosphere. 

It’s filled to the brim with happy tourists and features a pink interior theme – this Good Egg is a bit more fun and flirty than its sibling. It’s neither a positive nor a negative, just different.

Thankfully, despite the look being somewhat more Instagram-friendly, the staff are just as welcoming as we hoped.

We grab a seat in the back and peruse the menus. You’ll be spoilt for choice so come hungry or bring friends. There’s plenty to sample; from the ZFC Challah (Za’atar fried chicken, cheese, lettuce and pickles) to salt beef bagels, Babka french toast or all manner of egg-inspired treats.

In the end, we settle on the Knafeh Ka’ak, a sweet Middle Eastern kataifi pastry layered with soft cheese and served in a bagel with pistachios. 

It might sound a bit strange – it looks a tad bizarre too – but somehow, it all works.

The cheese is warm and pulls out as you take a bite, and the sweetness from the pistachios and the dough pairs perfectly with the savoury flavour.

This dish has been specially introduced to this site and we’d return for this alone.

We also get the aforementioned Sabih but are sadly left somewhat disappointed. The presentation doesn’t quite work as the ingredients are layered, forcing us to take a chunk from the middle of the pita… and this results in a very big mess.

As a saving grace, the meal still tastes nice but it fails to live up to previous experiences at the Stokey branch (where the pita is usually halved so that it’s easier to eat).

Nevertheless, we’re still happy and even more so when our server brings out some extra nibbles including the cornbread with zhoug and honey butter (get it, even if you’re full, and thank us later) and a selection of pickled vegetables. 

Bad coffee is a dealbreaker in our eyes but thankfully, we needn’t worry; the brew is tasty and the fresh orange juice has a nice tang as well.

Though we do wish the tables were wider, as it’s difficult to fit all the plates in the cramped space. But then again, we did order more than the average bruncher likely would.

The Good Egg in Camden is a lovely venue with a certain charm, but it’s definitely more suited to out-of-town visitors or workers in the area than London locals, who will feel more at home in the original Stoke branch.

For anyone keen to give the new spot a go, we highly recommend swinging by on a weekday rather than wrestle with the weekend shoppers.

All that’s left now is to try the company’s third venue in Margate… stay tuned.



Written by Almara A