The Last Tuesday Society presents The Halloween CRISIS

Last weekend social media feeds around the world filled up with images of the undead!

With so many Halloween parties on offer in London we really were spoilt for choice BUT when an invite to The Last Tuesday Societies annual CRISIS Halloween macabre ball came up for grabs it trumped the lot!

The Last Tuesday Society was founded in 1873 at Harvard by William James & brought to London as a ‘pataphysical’ organisation in autumn 2006 by The Chancellor Viktor Wynd & The Provost David Piper

Since then the society has dedicated itself to subverting life, the universe and everything bored of the life and world it sees around it and seeks to create a new world filled with beauty, wonder and the imagination.

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The society operates out of its Mare street ‘museum’, a fascinating little shop full of curiosities ranging from taxidermy animals and paperback guides on how to cope with your first swingers party to mermaids, shrunken skulls and relics. Throughout the year the society presents a veritable feast of experiences and productions including the annual CRISIS Halloween bash.  Having visited the weird and wonderful world housed inside the Mare Street store for myself I expected big things from this event, especially having noted it has sold out for the last 9 years in a row!

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Met at the door of a Hackney Wick warehouse by a ghoulish lady offering plates of oysters it was clear no expense had been spared transforming the venue.  Speared pig heads, velvet drapes, candelabra and of course carved pumpkins helped set the scene of a decedent hell hole.  Although fancy dress was optional partygoers went all out with their costumes. Zombies, burns victims, voodoo priests, Vampires and of course a few obligatory ‘Halloween sluts’ packed out the dance floor and vibes were friendly and fun for the entire night.  The music policy was strictly disco and cages filled with professional dancers (complete with oxygen masks and fish nets) encouraged everyone to loose their inhibitions.  Soon the entire floor was packed with creatures from the underworld.

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Speaking to a variety of people outside it appeared that this party was a little smaller than previous years however everyone was in agreement that if you want to do Halloween in style CRISIS is THE party to be at.

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Although tickets are a tad steep (£30 standard ticket) the lovey thing about these parties is that a 10% donation is made directly to CRISIS, a charity that aims to help the many thousands of homeless people in the UK.  You definitely get your monies worth and if Halloween was anything to go by then make sure you grab yourself an early bird ticket to the New Years Eve bash, its sure to be spectacularly fabulous!!

Website: www.thelasttuesdaysociety.org


Facebook: /TheLastTuesdaySociety


The Last Tuesday Society Shop:

11 Mare Street
E8 4RP


New Years Eve – 10% of Ticket Money Goes Straight To CRISIS

Dec 31st 10:00 pm – 6:00 am


Autumn Street Studios E3 2TT

£25 – Early Bird

£20 Framilly Early Bird Ticket of 5 (£100)

£35 – Standard Ticket


Reviewer: Carolyn Owlett