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The Morning After Review

Cast & Creatives

Director – Andrew Beckett
Casting Director – Harry Blumenau
Designer – David Shields
Lighting Designer – Jamie Platt
Sound Designer – Andy Hill
Set Builder – Set Blue Scenery
Writer- Peter Quilter

Adam – Chris Cahill
Barbara – Colleen Daley
Martin – Matthew Lloyd Davies
Thomas – David Fenne

What is it like to be a gay man growing-up with a single Mum? To have a complex mother/son relationship of total devotion from the parent and a close bond from the child? Well, ‘The Morning After’ answers these questions and explores the complex relationship of dating when your Mother is more like your best friend. This type of relationship resonates with a lot of gay men, myself included.

From the moment the lights dawn to the morning after, you are drawn into the characters’ relationship from the single aspect of the son’s bedroom. A place that’s usually a sanctuary becomes a room that forges a new relationship and establishes new boundaries, that are clearly needed between all the characters. Who knew that a bedroom could spark wonderful interactive which any gay man, who is close to their Mother, can easily appreciate and relate to. Underlining this is a true deep love. A love for a child, a love for a parent and a love for a new partner who clearly is ‘the one’.

The play has a strong cast that quickly established a chemistry between all the characters. As a member of the audience, you could not help but be drawn into the relationship between Adam and Thomas and almost starting praying for their relationship to work. The script and performance are well-rounded to bring in the hilarious new boundaries with wonderful comic timing.

Let’s hope that we all have a morning after like this.

Damien Oakley

The Morning After is At The Stag until March 1st.

Tickets available here:

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