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British plant and lifestyle brand, The Little Botanical, are delighted to introduce their new festive range. This Christmas, spread the festive spirit with beautiful houseplant gifts for friends and loved ones, or alternatively just to decorate your own space at home to make it feel that little bit more festive.

We’ve previously been sent a plant from The Little Botanical and loved it. Our Monkey Monstera plant is doing beautifully so you can be guaranteed you’re getting sent great products!

Featuring joyful reds, soft golds and stunning coppers, these gorgeous plants make for the perfect Christmas gifts all styled in bespoke ceramic pots. The seasonal collection is made up of four small-medium indoor plant gangs and two individual plants, including three new festive bundles as well as a mini Christmas tree.

The Christmas range is now available online via The Little Botanical website, with prices starting at £15.

Here are some of our favourites!

Red Poinsettia and Succulent Gang

Red poinsettias work well anywhere in the home, but they work especially well on the hearth or on a Christmas table, so that their velvety star-shaped leaves can be fully appreciated.

Available to purchase via The Little Botanical website, priced at £37.00.

Christmas Table Succulent Plant Gang

Want to spice up your home this Christmas? Simply add a gang of succulents in festive green and gold pots.

Available to purchase via The Little Botanical website, priced at £42.00.

Zab Plant Mister and Succulent Gift Set

This stunning gift set includes a potted Haworthia succulent and stylish plant mister, with the choice of copper or gold to match your festive decor. 

Available to purchase via here, priced at £37.00.

Mini Christmas Tree

When one Christmas tree just isn’t enough – a mini Christmas tree on your mantelpiece or side table will complete the festive atmosphere!

Available to purchase via The Little Botanical website, priced at £15.00.

Euphrates Watering Can & Calathea Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for the plant lover in your life. The watering can is as stunning as it is practical, and the elegant Calathea is a must have.

Available to purchase here, priced at £57.00.

Tigris Mini Watering Can & Succulent Gift Set

This chic watering can and succulent gift set will look beautiful on a shelf next to the tree to give your space a little extra greenery.

Available to purchase here, priced at £40.00.


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