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Time to look after your Tootsies

We’re on our feet all day and to be honest we don’t look after them enough. Winter especially, because we tend to hide them away underneath thick socks, never to see daylight until Spring appears the following year. Well if you’re like me and shudder at the thought of dry and cracked feet in winter, then its time you start giving your feet some attention and thanks to Skin Republic, its easier than you think! Skin Republic offers a foot repair serum and foot repair peel to combat dry, flaky and cracked heels.

The Skin Republic Foot Peel, is a serum-infused foot mask, when you open the pack you are greeted with what looks like a plastic sock, which is filled with serum. When you slot your feet inside, there is a cold sensation and its wet and gooey, but you get over that very quickly. just don’t start walking around in therm… I left it on for two hours (as recommended) whilst typing away on my laptop at home. The foot mask works to gently peel away dead skin in just seven days, I used it for seven days and noticed peeling after the second session, it didn’t look great and I continued to hid them away in my thick black socks. By day five, I could notice a real difference, my feet felt more nourished and soft and most importantly the cracks had softened. By day seven…. what cracks? Its dose of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (chemical exfoliant) delicately exfoliates to ensure soft, refined skin is revealed. I for one am one happy bunny!

The Skin Republic Foot Repair is another option to soften, moisturise and repair dry, cracked skin. This one is a twenty minute treatment. If you’re time poor, you may prefer this option.

Grab yourself some Skin Republic foot treatments and give your feet the love and care they deserve!

Prices: Skin Republic Foot Peel, £9.99 | Skin Republic Foot Repair, £5.49

Sold at Superdrug in store and online at