Tootoomoo Islington Review

ISL_AssortedFoodDid you know that Wednesday is the new Thursday and Thursday is the new Friday – no – well to celebrate this new revelation I visited Tootoomoo, Islington, a pan Asian restaurant, to sample the new sit down menu.  Tootoomoo started life as a take-away several years ago and the newly opened Islington Branch has taken the plunge beckoning you to come stay a while.

The Islington Branch has been open for 4 weeks and offering the sit down option for around two of those weeks – you couldn’t tell – the flow of traffic was endless.  We arrived at 6pm to be greeted by lots of smiley happy Tootoomoo staff people and several men wearing motor cycle helmets – I shall explain.  Although the restaurant was yet to be inhabited by other table dwellers there was a steady stream of people making take-away orders and a multitude of suspicious exchanges of large black padded box shaped bags across the counter – turns out these were orders out for delivery – who would have known haha.


Tootoomoo is based on the traditional Spanish tapas concept of small sharing dishes, which is just as well, due to the multitude of mouth watering dishes on the menu.  We began the evening with a cheeky cocktail or two – a lychee flavoured Caipirinha for me and a Cinderella – a mocktail mix of orange, pineapple, cranberry, grenadine and soda water –for the little Miss – delicious!! While cooing over our cocktails we attentively scanned the menu and finally decided upon the Wanton Soup (a favourite of mine), Chicken Gyoza(a favourite of the Little Miss), Popcorn Shrimp, Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Thai Green Curry with chicken, Szechuan Chilli with Tofu and Japanese Brown Rice – do not judge me!

Honestly it is difficult to determine a favourite.  The food was so tasty it had us doing a chair jig with every bite – the delicate flavours, the attention to detail and the practically perfect portions – add the atmosphere and infectious smiles of the Tootoomoo staff people and you have an experience worthy of a review.

Want to see for yourself, go visit them at:

278 St Paul’s Road, Islington, N1 2LH

Want to cast your eye over the delectable Tootoomoo menu to see for yourself what this crazy blogger is on about.  Your can check the smiley happy Tootoomoo people out on all the tags below.  Believe me, they are worthy of your time!






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