Venchi launches a new collection

Venchi chocolates is launching a brand new collection which includes flavoured truffles and chocolates that will go perfectly well with a gin cocktail by Bordiga 1888. As the cold weather and rain is settling in, it is the perfect time to cuddle up on the sofa with a box of chocolates and a good show on netlfix. Venchi chocolates are inspired by 140 years of of heritage and craftsmanship and these new exclusive chocolates are a delicious addition to the already extensive list already available. Every chocolate recipe is carefully planned and moulded in the north of Italy with fresh and high quality ingredients. 

Venchi offers a wide range of chocolates, which includes gluten free, alcoholic, milk and dark chocolate. The first new chocolate is the Fic-One which contains Venchi’s traditional ingredient of caramelized figs in mascarpone cream incased in a dark chocolate shell. 

The second is a gluten free biscuit wrapped in a layer of Venezuelan chocolate named Crème Sablée Chocaviar. The new collection also has three different chocolate truffles; a white ganache truffle with raspberry and toffee flakes (Allegro Truffle), a butter ganache with cocoa and hazelnuts (Piedmont Hazelnut Truffle), and the last is a blend of sweet and salty with pistachio, almonds and hazelnuts (Salted Truffle with Pistachio, Almond and Piedmont Hazelnuts). The Cuba Gin is perfect to pair for a girls night, it’s made with a milk chocolate shell filled with Gin Occitan cream. 

The Dubledone Pistachio is a soft chocolate blended with salted dry fruit around a whole toasted pistachio. The last chocolate is a classic 65% dark chocolate sourced from Madagascar. 

Venchi chocolates are the perfect holiday season gifts and can be found in Convent Garden, Chelsea and Kensington.


Written by Lisa Leroux