VyTa Review

Covent Garden, a very British landmark, is speckled with euroculture, and it’s a richer place for it. You could be forgiven, however, for thinking all establishments would be overpriced, touristic nonsense.

VyTa on the other hand, transports you into the sophistication of 1960s Italia via gorgeously decorated booths and bars offering sumptuous modern italian cuisine. 

The descent into the lower restaurant feeds your senses with an eclectic mix of textures, shapes and materials designed to wrap you in luxury. Velvet, colour and metals all harmonise to provide you with a sense of Italian sophistication.

We visited VyTa on a Sunday afternoon, and opted for the set menu, for the starter I choose the Panzella e Burrata, a big & creamy Mozzarella ball sits lightly on top of a raft of crispy croutons, tomatoes and capers which adds just the right amount of saltiness.

For the main I choose the vegetarian risotto, the seasonal mushrooms gives earthiness and body to the risotto that otherwise would rely on the parmesan to stand out. Put together, it is a delicious dish.

Everything about VyTa is carefully crafted for the feeling of mid century Italian sophistication, and we felt it here, its luxury dining and definitely the place to bring someone you’re keen on impressing. Next time we’re going to get some drinks at the bar, and get comfy, sitting in the balcony area, over looking Covent Garden, watching the world go by. The perfect lazy Sunday afternoon in Central London in my opinion.

Address: VyTa, 21 The Market, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8RD
Written by Rick Hartley