Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Celebrate Unstoppable Women

On International Women’s Day (8th March) we celebrated ‘Unstoppable Women’ at a print screening workshop. This was collaboration between Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Print Club London featuring iconic and empowering women from film and television

Print Club London is a renowned East London Print Studio and gallery. Exclusively for this event, Print Club London created three quote artwork pieces inspired by Wonder Woman, Big Little Lies and Girls. The quotes were: ‘I’m willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves’, ‘You’re not perfect welcome to the club’ and ‘Enjoy going through life as yourself’ respectively.

But what exactly is screen printing? Essentially it is a printing technique forcing ink onto material using mesh and stencils. Using a blade or squeegee, the printer pulls the ink across the frame which has been placed above the material that the artwork will go onto.This process results in the ink wetting the material and being pulled out of the mesh. Once the blade passes, the screen springs back and the frame is lifted to display the artwork.

We were able to screen print each of the quotes a number of times and take them home. At the start they had one colour for each quote, but soon lots of colours were being used and we could even adjust the colours ourselves. You have to spread or drizzle the paints and work out light and dark tones. Most people did the stencils straight or on a slight angle, but the more creative or adventurous used a number of angles, colours, overlapping quotes, shadowing quotes and other creative elements to make their artwork truly unique.

Unstoppable Women Blu-ray & DVD collection features Big Little Lies, Girls, Wonder Woman and many more, so there’s something for everyone! Check out the collection here: www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/entertainment/unstoppable-women


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Written by: Caitlin Neal