West Side Cabaret Story has opened at Proud Embankment. Inspired by West Side Story, this version is an outrageous sexy cabaret twist on a timeless love story, which itself was inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In this retelling, it’s a war between the ‘burlesques’ and the ‘butch’ with the story played out by dancers, acrobats, circus performers, aerialists and fire breathers. 

It’s a feast of talent. One performer is lifted up by her hair and swung around whilst playing the violin. Others provide impressive hand balancing acts, and a cyr wheel sequence. The actors playing Maria and Tony give a new meaning to ‘burning passion’ as they provide hair-raising moments by setting alight various parts of their bodies! 

It is not a coherent storyline with structured narrative set in a specific time and place, and there is no emotional punch. There are barely any songs from West Side Story featured and it is a very loose interpretation. 

Having said that, it is a fabulously entertaining theatrical show full of life and energy showcasing amazing talent. 

We had the three course dinner option, with courses being served between sets whilst being entertained by beautiful strong singing. The options are limited into either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian three course meal with other items for additional cost. We had quinoa with summer vegetables and frisée, the strip loin with hispi cabbage, celery and onion mustard and the carrot cake with plum and cremeux. 

Proud Embankment is a newly renovated two-storied venue that hosts a spectacular array of shows, accompanied by curated cocktails and dining menu. There are various other packages available. For example, the premium which includes a five course meal or the Chef’s table which includes a 10 dish tasting menu. Or for those not wishing to eat there is a show only ticket option.

West Side Cabaret Story is performing until 19th November 2022. Tickets from £39. Arrival time is from 6:30 with a 10:30pm finish.

Address: Proud Embankment, 8 Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2AB, United Kingdom.





Written by Caitlin Neal