WingWings Review

WINGWING_4TH MAY11351_(SELECTED)WingWing’s official opening night showcased the best this Korean/New York style restaurant has to offer. The night was filled with incredibly delicious food and equally satisfying drinks.WingWing’s inspiration comes from Chimaek which is a combination word comprising of Chicken and Maekju (Beer in Korean) which is all the rage in South Korea and how it hasn’t come to London earlier is beyond me because wings and beer are the perfect combination.

Showcased on the night were 3 flavours of wings, the signature Soy & Garlic wings (my personal favourite), the more traditional hot flavour plus a unique liquorice flavour which intrigued me and turned out to be delicious. The crispy style of wings is something I have seen but never tried before and being a huge wing fan myself I was sceptical at first but it only took one bite to get the taste buds buzzing. Once I started I couldn’t stop!

Drinks were provided throughout the night in numerous forms, but the highlight was the Singha and Blue Moon provided using the Bottom’s Up beer dispensing unit.This unique system, as the name suggests, fills your glass from the bottom to the top. This is achieved using a glass with a metal ring at the base and magnetic disc that attaches to the ring. When place your glass on the mechanism the magnet pops up whilst the beer fills then locks back down when the glass is lifted up. A great novelty that can be enjoyed through booking a function at WingWing.

WingWing is the perfect place to have a birthday party with wings, beer and K-Pop Karaoke. I know I will be looking WingWing’s way for my birthday next year. 30 Woburn Place (WC1H 0JR) is where you can find WingWing, so get down for a quick bite and a cheeky beer after a hard day’s work and enjoy what this place has to offer!

Written by Dan Gibson.


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