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YO! Launches Japanese Fried Chicken for Christmas

Japanese restaurant YO! is cheering on the festive season with the launch of its new Japanese Fried Chicken (JFC) Festive Feast. Why fried chicken? Well, in Japan Christmas has become associated with a bucket of fried chicken and is enjoyed by millions of Japanese families from now until Christmas day.

Available from the 29th November to 31st December 2019, YO! is offering a fried chicken Christmas box across many of its outlets. The Festive Feast features chicken karaage – crispy Japanese fried chicken – a sweet and spicy chilli JFC dipping sauce, YO! fries – sprinkled with sesame and aonori – miso-buttered sweetcorn and creamy slaw.

There is also a vegan version which includes vegan nuggets, YO! fries, a sweet and spicy chilli JFC dipping sauce, miso-coated sweetcorn & vegan mayo slaw, an exciting addition to the brand’s plant-based options.


Written by: Hena Husain

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