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Seven Dials Market

Walking around Seven Dials got a lot more exciting with the introduction of the Seven Dials Market, a new addition to the ever growing street food movement brought to you by KERB. It is a huge indoor space, housed over two floors, with a great mix of 25 street food vendors offering up culinary delights from around the world including Japanese, Korean, American, Mexican and Italian food (to name a few). 

Downstairs you will find communal seating, a well stocked bar and a buzzing atmosphere. The On In London team headed on over last Sunday to try some of the dishes on offer. First up was Yum Bun, known for their delicious soft steamed buns, I first came across them in street food market Giant Robot in Canary Wharf and was blown away. So it was a no brainer to start there, I got the tofu and chicken bun, which had a generous amount of fillings, they were soft and dreamy, like small delicious pillows of joy and packed full of flavour. 

Vegans will be happy to know they have Club Mexicana, offering up a fully plant based Mexican menu. We tried the Jackfruit burrito, it was sweet and tangy and a good choice. You will also find Mexican fried ‘chicken’ burgers, vegan cheeseburgers, along with tacos with the options of jackfruit or ‘fish’ made from tofu.

Next up we tried the Hainanese roast chicken rice from Rice Guys, who offer up Chinese comfort food. The dish was pleasant, the flavour came from the sticky sweet side sauces which are compulsory to liven up the dish, for the side we had the spicy chickpea dish, which had a punch of flavour but a little on the hard and dry side. By far the favourite was the bao buns from Yum Bun, we highly recommend them.

Seven Dials Market also host quiz nights, DJ sets, cocktail masterclasses and this December they are hosting special festive workshops, which include a wreath making class, you can see the full line up here.

Address: Earlham street, London, WC2H 9LX | Open Monday – Sunday 


Written by Nyla S.   

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