YO! launches new Chindogu menu

Ever found you sometimes struggle eating food with chopsticks, weather it be noodles or rice? let’s face it, you are either a master at chopsticks or you fit in the ‘oh jeez, please don’t let this noodle slide down my top’ club.

YO! will be launching the Chindogu menu on Monday 19th, each dish will be paired with a gadget to give you a easy and fun dinning experience. The dumpling miso ramen noodles comes with the Noodle Splash Guard to stop long locks from getting dipped in broth and the Noodle Cooler will cool down the spicy seafood udon with it’s electric fan.

To experience the Chindogu menu, head to YO!’s Kensington and Southbank restaurants, and YO! Newcastle Grainger St. The menu launches on the 19th March, until the 25th of March, so mark the dates ladies and gentleman, it will be over in flash.

Photographer: Luke Dyson