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Blade Hair Club Review

BLADE_FRONT_1 Thursday night, I visited Blade Hair club in Soho. An innovative bar and hair concept set to transform our future trips to the salon. The concept of Blade is simple, they provide customers ‘the chance to experience hairclubbing – whether it’s catching up with friends over blow-dries and wine, relaxing on Netflix whilst waiting for your highlights to develop, or simply enjoying an Old Fashioned during your cut. Hairclubbing is all about transforming a regular and often tedious necessity into a pleasurable and social experience – and time spent well’.

I was interested by this concept, part bar and part hair salon which was created by stylist,Julia Olofsson and musician-turned-entrepreneur, D.T. Stroo. Blade Hairclub was ‘born from their desire to create a happy, unpretentious, and friendly place to get your hair done and to hang out – alone or with friends’. It truly is a unique idea that fits in with the ethos of Soho.


I mean how many times have I sat at a hairdresser’s playing on my phone or reading a magazine that has been read a 1000 times by other customers. Well Blade changes all that with a gorgeous bar featuring everything from an Old Fashion to a Gin and Tonic. The bar isn’t stocked with just your regular spirits, D.T Stroo is a bit particular when it comes to the alcohol he stocks. He even makes his own tonic water.

I was made a Gin and Tonic while I waited for my stylist to finish with another client. It was delicious and garnished with a Lychee, which made it a little more special. When my lovely stylist was ready for me, she took me over to the wash room area and gave me a glorious head massage. I instantly felt all my tension leave me and I nearly fell asleep while she was washing my hair.


After being taken back to my seat I was able to play with a fully loaded ipad with Netflix and games while I had my hair blow-dried. My hair looked amazing after it was blow-dried into a sleek wavy style. No photos again because I wasn’t having a good makeup day, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I was provided with another cocktail before leaving, The Last Word – Monkey 47 Gin, Luxardo Maraschino, Green Chartreuse and Fresh Lime Juice.  It was just strong but just as lovely as my first drink. While sipping this, Stroo told me about his bar and how he has very particular tastes when it comes to alcohol. A lot of the spirits you’ll find here won’t be on a regular bar. He really takes pride in his drinks and providing customers with an exclusive collection.

Julia says it best when she says “There is absolutely no need for such a frequent necessity as hairdressing to feel like a dentist’s appointment – not in the 21st century, anyway. Imagine doing your hair to a high standard, but while hanging out with your friends in your favourite pub or a bar – that’s hairclubbing!”

So hurry up and book your next hair appointment before heading out on the town. It’s the perfect place in Soho for warm up drinks before a big night out. And it’s pretty exclusive – you can only drink there if you’re getting your hair done or you’re a member. You may even see me there… I am in Soho a lot for ONIN.London and as if I needed an excuse for a blow-dry and cocktails.

26 Frith St




Written by Tegan LeBon

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