2019 Trends: Holistic Health

It’s almost that time of year, and we’re not talking about the festive shenanigans that you’ll be enjoying in just two weeks. No, we’re talking about the ‘new year, new you’ resolutions that always seem to follow a boozy, foodie-filled December.

So, what’s on the agenda for 2019?

Next year’s biggest trend is predicted as ‘the holistic approach’ – with people encouraged to ignore fad diets and celebrity advice on products like detox teas, and instead embrace a holistic health lifestyle that focuses on every aspect of weight loss, nutrition and health.

“There is always a right and a wrong way to do things and losing weight is no exception,” said Gabriel Olaiya, co-founder of London Weight Loss Clinic.

“At our clinic we specialise in holistic weight loss; weight loss that not only seeks to reduce body fat and your waistline, but improve your overall health. We wish to help you maintain your new healthier weight, with continued support and guidance as well as checking and improving cholesterol, diabetes risk and provide advice on how to keep the weight off. We look at individuals and not numbers.

Holistic health focuses on four aspects:

Improving eating habits
Reduced cholesterol and diabetes blood markers
Lifestyle modification and motivational coaching on how to reach these goals
Focus on natural blood pressure reduction and fasting blood sugar

“Holistic weight loss focuses on the individual, love  at medical history as well as diet,” Gabriel added.

“This way we are able to highlight key causes of weight regain and diet failure. We take a systematic approach to exploring in great detail ways in which a client’s lifestyle can impact the results that are achieved.”

If you’re interesting in trying the holistic approach for yourself, you can book an appointment with the London Weight Loss Clinic – they’re opening a space on London’s infamous private health location, Harley Street, on 7 January.

Gabriel’s business partner and co-founder Marie Spreckley, said: “Holistic weight loss, also often referred to as intensive lifestyle intervention, encapsulates weight loss from multiple angles for sustained weight loss and weight maintenance success.

“It incorporates continuous nutritional, medical, exercise and behavioural guidance, advice and support to provide you with all the tools you need to reach your goals and maintain your weight loss. It has been well established thanks to a variety of large scale, credible, long term studies including the DPP, Look AHEAD, POUNDS Lost, CALERIE and WhyWAIT studies, that continous, face-to-face guidance and support increases your motivation to keep going, helps you manage relapses constructively and empowers you to self regulate your body weight.”

There you have it – next year, go holistic.

Pictures from pixabay