High Society: Marion chapter 3

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Adrian was dead.

A yell and running footsteps from across the warehouse stirred her. It felt as though her heart were cramping in her chest… a familiar feeling… and she leapt into action. She slipped off her cork wedges and dashed into the shadows, avoiding the stoned hipster who was about to arrive and be dumbfounded.

There he was. “Oh my God, dude! Oh my God!” He yelled at the pile of rubble.

Marion snuck behind him and ran as quickly and quietly as she could toward the door, and out of the building.

Ah. Cool night, and relief! She bolted toward Marco and her safe, black SUV. She yanked open the back door and jumped in, panting

“Mrs. Montgomery? What happened, are you okay?” Marco turned back to her.

“Get me the hell out of here. Just go!” He turned the engine and floored it, cutting through the “artsy” outskirts of D.C. Marion realized she was clenching her fists. Her knuckles were white.

They drove for a while in silence. She stared out the windows at the city lights, absorbing what just happened. It looked bad. Her husband was not going to be happy… on several accounts.

Furiously, Marion stripped herself of the knit sweater and artsy necklaces she was wearing. She pinned up her hair and put on her blazer, once again the dignified, inappropriately young wife of a Republican senator. She opened her compact and began powdering her face. Adrian had messed up her makeup. Well. He wouldn’t be doing that again.

Marco slowed the car. Marion jumped a little as she realized that they were about to pull up to the residence.

“Turn around, Marco, you’re going the wrong direction!” she called out, a little panicked.

“Where are we going, Mrs. Montgomery?”

She thought for a moment. Where were they going? Where could she go? In a flash, she knew what to do.

“Dulles. Take me to Dulles.”

To be continued…

Written by Allison Volk.

Allison is co-founder of The City Shakespeare Company, California, and is starring in Romeo and Juliet from July 11th. Have a look for more info here.


Twitter:           @AllisonVolk




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