A Christmas Cracker: Club Pret Subscribers Unwrap an Exclusive First Taste of Christmas with Pret’s Christmas Sandwich Safes

Code crackers and Pret superfans brace yourselves, as Pret A Manger has the ultimate case to unlock with 15 security safes popping up across the UK. Filled with the very first taste of Christmas, the Pret Christmas Lunch Sandwich safes mark the official start to the Christmas (sandwich) season for Pret’s most loyal customers.

Dotted at carefully selected hotspots of Club Pret Christmas enthusiasts – Carnaby Street (London), Spinningfields (Manchester), Central Square (Cardiff), Sauchiehall (Glasgow), and Cabot Circus (Bristol) and 10 other London shops (full list below) – the safes contain the very first batch of Pret’s Christmas Lunch Sandwiches. Handcrafted early with care by the dedicated Pret teams, they’re ready for eager members to unlock and savour.

Early on Monday 6th November, to make their Monday merry and bright, Club Pret Christmas enthusiasts will receive a secret code, delivered by the Christmas spirits themselves, giving them a chance to unlock the vaults and indulge in the inaugural taste of Pret’s Christmas Lunch Sandwich. A limited stock of the famous Christmas Lunch Sandwich will be available in each safe and although replenished throughout the day, it will be up to the quickest code-crackers to unlock them.

As one of the staples of the Christmas season, the Pret Christmas Lunch Sandwich doesn’t need much of an introduction, but here’s one just in case: featuring thick slices of British turkey with a zesty Port & orange cranberry sauce, herby pork stuffing and fresh baby spinach, finished with a generous dab of mayo and a sprinkle of everyone’s favourite crispy onions which stay crunchy all day long. It will be available nationwide from Tuesday, 7th of November, for the full festive season ensuring all lovers can get their fix.

Becci Dive, UK Head of Marketing at Pret said: “Everyone knows Christmas hasn’t truly arrived until your lunch can be a Pret Christmas Sandwich. We get asked all year round when we are bringing back our famous Christmas menu and are excited to be kicking off festivities this year by offering our most loyal Club Pret subscribers this special Christmas treat. Using data, we’ve identified our most festive customers, and we’re excited to brighten their day a little earlier than the rest of the country. We are always looking for ways to spread joy, and enhance the value of being a Club Pret member, and what better way than creating a unique experience that offers them an exclusive first taste of our beloved Christmas sandwich? Good luck everyone!”

Pret’s Christmas menu will launch on the 7th November and this year Club Pret subscribers will also get 20% off the entire seasonal menu. Club Pret subscribers get access to up to five barista-made drinks (yes, including the new Christmas specials) and 20% off the menu every time they pop into a Pret store for just £30 a month. Not only that but they also get exclusive savings and freebies, and this Christmas offer is another example of the value of being a member with more in the pipeline for 2024.

For further details on how to unlock the Pret Christmas Lunch Sandwich safes and more enchanting updates from Pret, visit Pret’s on and