Amorino: Review


With Afternoon Tea Week 2016 being between the 8th to 14th August, Amorino were inspired to create a refreshing take on the classic British Afternoon Tea. For people who haven’t tried Amorino gelato before, you are seriously missing out. Their rose shaped gelato cones are absolutely gorgeous and definitely instagrammable. I’ve tried them so I was super excited to head down to the Fullham Broadway Amorino store to sample their new Afternoon Tea.

Priced at £35 for two people, guests are treated to an edible flower bed of four delicious sorbets, a choice of four macarons, a selection of hot and cold drinks and unlimited samples sizes of the gelato and sorbet available in store. With this in mind, my friend and I were eager to dig in.

The four flavours of sorbet provided are Mango Sorbet with lemon citrus tagetes, Chocolate Sorbet with lavender, Raspberry Sorbet with purple nemesia and Lemongrass paired with oregano. I’m sure staff would be happy to accommodate if one of these flavours isn’t to your liking (but don’t quote me on that). For the Macarons, there are eight different flavours to choose from and you get to choose four of them. We went with Pistachio, Lampone (raspberry), Caramello and Vanilla. For our drinks we both chose the hazelnut gelato frappes.


I cannot express how gorgeous this afternoon tea is. When Amorino describe their sorbets as an edible flower bed, they aren’t lying. The four sorbets have been expertly styled into roses and sprinkled with edible flowers. My words aren’t going to do them justice, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking for them. The sorbets were all incredibly refreshing, though we did find the edible flowers a tad heavy handed and overpowering. This was especially true with the lavender and Chocolate Sorbet combo. This was probably the least of my favourites as I never order chocolate gelato or sorbet. Mango sorbet has always been my favourite, so I wasn’t surprised with how divine this was but I’ve definitely found a new favourite flavour in the Lemongrass Sorbet.

After trying all the refreshing flavours, we were definitely looking forward to trying the Macarons. Taking my first bite into the Caramello flavour one was a revelation. I was not expecting gelato as the filling. Kind of stupid of me given that I was in a gelato shop, but I’ve never eaten Macarons this way before. It has changed my life and I will never eat plain old Macarons again. The smooth creamy gelato sandwiched between two light and fluffy meringue circles, are a match made in heaven.

Finishing of our afternoon tea with our hazelnut frappes was epic, but by this stage definitely way too much cream. Next time I’ll be definitely saying no to the whip cream. It was delicious but definitely not needed. Especially after getting unlimited samplings of all the other gelato and sorbet flavours available.

Make sure you head down to the Fulham Broadway store and book in for this exciting new take on the afternoon tea, especially if you’re a gelato or sorbet lover. It’s definitely a step away and a step above, the classic sandwiches, scones and cakes that you’re used to.


Reporter: Tegan LeBon – twitter and Instagram: toogs1

8 Fulham Broadway, SW6 1AA, London

Telephone number : +44 203489320