Arancina: The Traditional Sicilian Pizzeria

On entering Arancina, Notting Hill’s freshest pizzeria, I was struck by the stylish layout and relaxed vibe. This restaurant is a 10 minute walk from Notting Hill Gate, which may have explained why it was relatively quiet for a Friday night.

I think this will quickly change as word gets out about the quality of their authentic pizzas. Arancina was started by the Mortari family, with their vision to serve fresh food like that being served in their hometown Rome.


I went for the Carnivora Pizza, which certainly isn’t suitable for vegetarians. It was a meat load alright, with spicy salami, Italian sausage and Parmacotto ham. It was also rectangular, which I enjoyed as rectangles are one of my favourite shapes. They’re just more enjoyable than squares aren’t they?

This was delicious, perfectly cooked and had a nice spicy kick to it. What more could you want? That was rhetoric, I didn’t want anything else. My partner in crime opted for a Patate e salsiccia, which was a pizza with potatoes, mozzarella and rosemary. Potatoes on a pizza? Whilst I agree this is unconventional, I was firmly assured that this was “extremely tasty”.


Arancina is a great antidote to the touristy, over-crowded, central London pizzerias. They have a wide variety of interesting pizzas at affordable prices. They serve a wide range of tasty beers, but as I am still trying to survive Dry January I chugged away at tap water.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the waiting team were very friendly and attentive. If like me, you’re partial to a pizza, get yourself down to Arancina. You’ll be in for a treat.


Telephone: 020 7792 9777

Twitter: @ArancinaUK


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Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986