Baby Gift Guide

Here at Onin.London, a lot of our writers, friends and families are having babies. So we thought it’s the perfect time to help our readers create a gift hamper for new mums, dads and bub. Check out some of our favourite products to include below. Even better, a lot of these products are sustainable, so not only are they perfect for the new baby, they’re great for the environment.

Hello Bello

Hello Bello – the rising star baby care brand founded by parents Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard is now in the UK! The line was created to eliminate the choice many parents face between what’s best for their kids and what’s best for their budget.
Products can be purchased exclusively in 431 Asda stores across the UK, and online at

At launch, Asda stores and will carry products ranging from £1.60 to £12, with the majority falling under £10. Developed by an industry-best team, the line gives parents peace of mind knowing every product is designed specifically for sensitive skin and carefully crafted using safe, effective ingredients. Parents can also feel good knowing the brand embraces giving back and supporting those in need, as well as doing what they can to protect the planet. The initial curated collection will include:

  • Hello Bello Jumbo Nappies, £4.95

  • Hello Bello Nappy Pants, £6.25

  • Hello Bello Baby Wipes, £1.60 (1pk), £5.00 (3pk), £12.00 (10pk)

  • Hello Bello Baby Lotion, £4.00

  • Hello Bello Baby Oil (281ml), £4.00

  • Hello Bello Bubble Bath (296ml), £4.00

Our mum loved the scents of the bath products and lotions, but she loved the wipes the best. She found them super high quality for the price.

To purchases visit

ClevaPure Salt Lamp

Our new mum loved this Cleavamamma ClevaPura Salt lamp with the benefits of Himalayan salt and a Humidifier to help ease sore throats and stuffy noses. The added benefit of being able to aid essential oils to aid sleep and relaxation was great and enables the product to continue to be used as baby grows older.

The Salt Lamp can be purchased for £65 from

Modi Bodi

Modibodi’s reusable nappy is the most absorbent reusable on the market. Created to make it easier to switch from disposable nappies to reusables, the nappies are easy to wash, comfy to wear and safe for delicate skin. They provide 12 hours’ overnight protection with a booster, better sleep for parents and baby.

Making the switch to reusable nappies have never been easier and our mum loved the fact that there were no leaks with this product. ModiBodi also have a range of other sustainable products available so make sure you check them out, you won’t regret it.

Bloomsbury Mill

Award winning children’s brand Bloomsbury Mill have unveiled an adorable new design in the organic cotton baby collection. The vibrant new print features baby tigers, elephants, giraffes and lions, perfect for snuggling up to with your own little cubs. Fans of the best-selling Safari Adventure collection are sure to love the super cute Jungle Cubs.

The Jungle Cubs print makes its debut on Organic Cotton Swaddles and Muslin Squares, the must-have baby essentials in any parents’ day bag. The collection will expand to include new products including the much-loved Baby Sleep Bag.

The set of six muslin squares is perfect to have on hand at home for burping, feeding and mopping up spills. Each pack is tied with a satin ribbon making it the ideal new parent gift.

£14.99 from

Lovevery, the luxury global parenting brand where science meets child development, launched Play Kits, which are subscription based, and after becoming a massive household brand in the US, and quickly saturating the UK and Europe.

Lovevery toys are built to last and made with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, nontoxic paint, and baby-safe plastics!

The Play Kits – The early learning system includes stage-based play essentials for children ages 0-3 and multi-channel content for parents 

Stage-based subscription Play Kits.  Designed by child development experts, The Play Kits help parents make the most of playtime at every stage and support child brain development from infancy through toddlerhood.  Each of the 14 stage-based Play Kits—serving ages 0–36 months—is packed full of expert-designed Playthings and information, delivered at just the right developmental window every 2–3 months.

The Play Kits for babies (0–12 months) include toys and tools for building new neural connections and practicing fine and gross motor skills. The Play Kits for toddlers (months 13- 24) support a child’s natural curiosity by building new skills and encouraging exploration. The Play Kits for two-year-olds (25–36 months) encourage a child’s budding independence and teach early science and math lessons. All Lovevery Play Kits also include Montessori-inspired board books with real images and stories of real people, along with a Play Guide that includes expert research, child development info, at-home activity ideas, and ways to play.  The range of Play Kits was created from years of play studies, prototype testing and consulting with leading child development experts.

The Play Kits program subscriptions start at £80, with flexible payment options. Lovevery personalises each subscription to a child’s birth date/adjusted birth date and families keep the kits for more advanced learning and play as a child grows.

Aqua Wipes

Looking for an environmentally friendly baby wipe? Aqua Wipes are your answer.

A natural, dermatologically tested, 100% biodegradable, compostable, plastic-free water wipe for babies – meaning they are kind to even the most sensitive of skin .

The wipes are made with 99.3% purified water, organic aloe vera and a mild coconut-derived cleansing agent.

These plastic-free water wipes are natural, caring, and suitable for newborns, including premature babies.

They are available in single packs at £2.90 per pack of 64 wipes, £11.00 per 4 pack, £29.00 per Value Carton of 12 x 64 pack.

Everyday Lounge Set

£149 /

Whether you are nesting before Baby arrives, nursing your newborn, or hosting well-wishers, the extra-cosy Everyday Lounge Set will help you embrace pregnancy and new-parenthood with comfort and style. This robe top features a hidden button placket, allowing for discreet and easy nursing. The half-moon shirt hem has side slits designed to fall perfectly on your changing body…without riding up. It also comes with a never-lose attached waist tie.

The wide-leg, cropped bottoms have extra deep pockets, so your phone, dummies, and other mama-musts are always right at hand. And these stylish lounge pants boast a super-comfy, roll-resistant, elastic drawstring waistband that you can wear over your growing bump during pregnancy and your gradually shrinking waist postpartum. All in all, the Everyday Lounge Set is as chic as it is comfortable. Mix and match the top and pants with your wardrobe favourites for a new look every day. Our new mum found it super soft and easy to breast feed with! 

World Wildlife Fund UK

We loved our adult socks we featured in a Mother’s Day guide so of course we had to feature these super soft ocean baby socks that protect some of the world’s most endangered baby animals in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund UK. Featuring an orca, a Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle, a Sea Otter and a Singapore Freshwater Crab.

  • All four animal socks included
  • Soft 80% GOTS certified organic cotton, 15% nylon, 5% spandex
  • Socks double as hand puppets
  • Each pair is packaged in a bespoke recyclable cardboard box which also doubles as a backdrop to your puppet show
  • Designed for babies 6-12 months
  • Care: Wash at low temperature

What’s even better is 10% of the sale price will go directly to WWF Uk and helps the World Land Trust protect 20 metres squared of rainforest.

Eco Rascals

Eco rascals, creates amazing sustainable tableware for infants and up.  Their award-winning bamboo tableware is made of 100% natural bamboo (not bamboo fibre) which is durable and sustainably sourced:
Our mum loved the travel containers which were the perfect size for snacks for her older two children whilst travelling.

Eco Rascals have also recently launched a new line of silicone tableware products that are designed to last through childhood and beyond. The materials are much kinder to the environment, and their long life reduces waste:

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented liquid Soap

The super hydrating castile soap is perfect for babies, children and anyone with extra sensitive skin or allergies. Its made with all natural, sustainable and fair trade ingredients

The magic of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap is its affordability and versatility, with 18 uses from 1 bottle. No matter whether you are having a shower or cleaning the home for a greener clean, the baby mild liquid soap is ideal for everything and anything with its odourless scent. The recipe is based on a simple, ecological, vegetable based formulation, named after the Castile region of Spain where olive oil soaps were invented long ago. It can be used on babies skin, toys, cleaning clothes, and more making it a perfect multitasker cutting down on space.

Ramer Sponges

Bath time can play a big part in helping keep your little one’s skin healthy. Warm water no hotter than 38o C and a mild cleanser coupled with Ramer’s Ultra Soft Baby Sponge will help ensure your baby’s delicate skin is softly and gently cleansed.

Ramer Sponges, the UK’s leading producer of super-absorbent and super-soft sponge products, recommends using products free from fragrance, detergent and deodorant with its multi award-winning Ultra Soft Baby Sponge (£2.99 RRP).

Like all Ramer Sponges products, the baby sponge will harden as it dries, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, and will instantly soften when soaked in warm water and be ready to re-use again. The Ultra Soft Baby Sponge is also machine washable at 40o C, reassuring parents they’re able to keep these long lasting, lint-free sponges fresh and squeaky clean.

Pure Earth Collection

Pure Earth Collection are really passionate about resesigning every day children’s products using plants, not plastics. There main goal is to try to swap out polyester soft toys, as they shed thousands of micro-plastics into our houses, our water systems and into our children. Recent studies have shown that babies ingest 10-20x more micro-plastics than adults, with the majority of the plastics found ingested by babies PET plastic, which is from polyester fabrics. Another study showed that micro-plastic air pollution in a typical 8 year old girl’s was 22x higher than in the rest of the house, largely due to the polyester teddies and bedding in her room. The amount of micro-plastics being ingested and inhaled by small children as a result of the plastic and polyester toys on the market has become a huge concern, not just for their health but for the planet too. We’d really like to see natural fabric soft toys become mainstream but sadly, at the moment over 98% of soft toys are made from polyester.

Pure Earth Collection toys are made from 100% organic, natural and biodegradable materials inside and out. So they’re safer for babies and for the planet. You can find out more about them here. The toys were so soft and cute… Our mum can’t wait til bubs is old enough to start playing with them.

Babycup Sippeco First Cups

Baby cups are an important part of the weaning kit, but so often people end up buying multiple products, either because they are not up to the job or because they are marketed on the idea of being only for short stages of baby’s weaning development. Babycup Sippeco First Cups have created a recyclable and biodegradable that is smaller than most weaning cups using less material and costing less to combat this. The product is also useable for longer with its suitability time being from 0 to around 2.5 years. It’s also Made in Britain and Approved by the Oral Health Foundation.

SRP £8.99 for a pack of four

Animal Teethers, RRP £4.99

New for 2021, the light and soft animal teethers are perfect for soothing little one’s gums during the teething period. Forming part of the new sustainably and responsibly sourced Eco+ range from Chicco, the teethers are made of bioplastic from plant sources, making them lightweight and easy to grasp. Suitable from 3 to 18 months, the teethers are available in four different colourful animals, including Burt The Frog, Molly The Snail, Owly the Owl and Charlie The Dog.

Stone balance, RRP £9.99

Inspired by the art of balancing stones, Stone Balanceis the new stackable toy from Chicco’s sustainably and responsibly sourced Eco+ range. Suitable from 6 to 36 months, little ones can stack and play with the five stone-shaped pieces, stimulating their cognitive and manual coordination, whilst using their imagination as they play. Made of recycled plastic from industrial residue, each stone has a different shape, size and colour, and can be stacked from largest to smallest, or in a random order, keeping little ones entertained for hours.

And because we don’t want to forget the new bub’s older siblings, it’s always nice to put some extras in the hamper for the bigger kids.

Colgate Kids Bamboo Charcoal Soft Toothbrush (6+ years). RRSP* £4.00. Available at Superdrug

Sustainability starts with the younger generation so why not make brushing fun for kids while looking after the planet with the Koala Colgate Bamboo Kids Toothbrush?

This kids’ toothbrush, which has been rigorously quality tested, has soft, slim tip bristles to give kids a deep, gentle clean for bright, healthy smiles. This wooden toothbrush’s handle is made from 100% natural, biodegradable*** bamboo and is beeswax-coated to minimise water absorption. In addition, the bamboo has been sustainably grown and the Colgate bamboo toothbrush comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.