Blanc de Blanc

The cast of Blanc de Blanc - London Hippodrome - Pamela Raith Photography - (001)

How do I even begin to describe Strut and Fret’s Blanc De Blanc, currently performing at the Hippodrome Casino? This wildly exotic and a little bit naughty show is part cabaret, part circus and part burlesque, though I am seriously am a loss for words on how to describe the masterpiece that the director Scott Maidment and Choreographer, Kevin Maher have created. After living in Adelaide for four years before moving to London, I attended to burlesque, cabaret and circus shows before at the Adelaide Fringe Festival so expected a similar experience. Blanc De Blanc is so much more and exceeded my expectations from start to finish. From the moment I entered the theatre inside the Hippodrome Casino, I was transported into a night of glamour, nudity and wonder. It’s not for the faint of heart, nor is it a show one might not want to take their mum to, but it is simply unforgettable. Even the more risqué elements of the show were executed with a class and style that you could not look away from and had guests begging for more. My friend and I were luckily enough to sit in the second row and get a up close and personal view of the entire performance.

While Blanc De Blanc had the potential to be like any other burlesque circus show, it was remarkable to see them push the boundaries and memorise guests. I didn’t hear one guest complain that they didn’t enjoy the show when I spoke to them during the interval. With jaw dropping aerial acrobatics, a spectacular hoola hoop act and plenty of champagne popping, it’s really hard to pick my favourite part of the show. Despite how hard it was, I’d have to say that my favourite entertainer had to be Spencer Novich. He was a crowd favourite that commanded attention whenever he was on stage with his amazing mime and contortion skits. He made these look effortless with his perfect comedic timing and execution.

Blanc de Blanc - London Hippodrome - Pamela Raith Photography - (037)

I really can’t stress how spectacular Blanc De Blanc is and how much you need to see this show, as it’s one that needs to be seen to be believed. It would definitely get a 5 stars from me! I absolutely loved it. Performing only until the 28th of August 2016, you don’t have long to experience this sexy show yourself, so hurry up and get your tickets now. Handy hint, don’t forget your ID when you attend though or you won’t get let into the Casino and that would be an absolutely devastating experience.


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