Bokan Review

Rooftop bars in central London can be exciting, but they can be overcrowded, pretentious and when you look out at the view it can be disappointing. A rooftop bar that doesn’t disappoint is Bokan, which sits elegantly on top of the Novatel hotel in Canary Wharf.

Bōkan, recently launched a brand-new cocktail menu in Bar 38. A bar where you get to soak up the view and when I say view I’m talking about the 360-degree views of London’s iconic skyline. Its so breathtaking that you will find yourself standing by the window in silence taking it all in, before you even attempt to open the cocktail menu.

I live locally and have been to Bokan many times, each time with different people and its always exciting to see the look on their face when they enter the bar, It’s sexy and chic and the drinks are equally sexy and creative So trying out some of the drinks on the new cocktail menu was pretty exciting. We started off with the Harpy and Bobbie. The Harpy was fruity and smooth, with peach, lychee and grapefruit notes. The Boobrie which contained shackleton whiskey, lemon, roots herbal, ginger ale and soda was a more bolder option. The combination makes for a strong but yet very delicious cocktail.

Before we ordered for our next cocktail, we thought it was best to order some food first. Guilty as charged I ordered what I’ve eaten before which is the Bokan burger. Which you may think is a safe choice. I have news for you, this burger is far from being safe and boring. Which contains 225 grams of organic beef from Rhug estate, bacon, cheddar and smoked mayo. With a side of chips. The burger is juicy, full of flavour and dam right delicious. I have eaten many burgers in London and the Bokan Burger comes within my top three burger recommendations in London, which means a lot!

My guest went for the Thai duck salad, merrifield confit duck leg, noodles, mango, coriander, sesame and soy dressing, a great option for those who would like a more light and healthy dish.

Once we finished dinner we tried the Monkey king, which contained Mount Gay Black Barrel, banana, hazel nut and bitters, this was a drink rich in flavour and more suited to those that like a strong boozy tasting cocktail. The final cocktail we tried was the Cyclops, which contained Dalmore 12, blood orange and vermouth, infused with pear, another delicious cocktail, creatively made by the head mixologist.

The cocktails may be on the pricey side, but then again you are in spectacular rooftop bar in a hotel enjoying 360 degree views of London. Once you visit, no doubt you will be back again like me. The bar doesn’t disappoint. Bokan also contains a restaurant, which I’m yet to try but have been told its pretty dam good. If you really wanna splurge, after the bar, why not book yourself into one of the rooms in the chic and stylish 4 star Novatel hotel…


Address: Bōkan, Novatel Hotel, 40 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP

Written by Nyla S.