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Boozy Baubles Will Get You Out Of The Doghouse This Year!

We love Boozy-baubles here at Onin.London! So you can be sure we were excited to receive Doghouse Distillery’s Christmas offering.

Make sure you get out of the doghouse and into the good books with the gin or vodka lover in your life, this season with these alternative Christmas baubles. Choose between Baller Vodka or Renegade Gin boozy-baubleswhich can be displayed on the tree, gifted to your favourite people or ripped open and sipped. These are available to purchase at for £13.95.

Be an absolute (snow)baller this Christmas

You don’t need to break the bank this year to be a baller – for the vodka lover amongst the group, grab them a bottle of the ridiculously smooth Baller Vodka from Doghouse Distillery. A delicious vodka made from scratch in Battersea, LondonBaller Vodka with its fun label, is the ultimate gift for those looking to spoil someone this Christmas.

Why not try your hand at making the ‘Wish I was aBaller cocktail? With 50ml of Baller Vodka, three squeezed lime wedges, LOTS of ice, top with ginger beer and garnished with a sprig of mint, you’ll be making it sleigh!

A bottle of Baller Vodka 70cl is available online for £32.

Wish I Was a Baller recipe

50ml Baller Vodka
3 Lime Wedges, Squeezed/Muddled
Lots of Ice + Ginger Beer
Garnish – Lime wheel
Option – Mint sprig

Give the gift of Gin this year

Gin-fanatics rejoice as there is a unique gin on the block, perfect for the rebels amongst us this Christmas. Renegade Gin is Baller Vodka’s grungy sibling – adelicious gin with a herbaceous and moreish taste…one is never enough! It’s a gin packed full of attitude which will make a great gift for the drinks guru who thinks they’ve ‘tried them all’!

Get the festive party started with a Shake, Rattle and Roll. Made using the distillery’s iconic Renegade gin, garnish this delight with a sprig of rosemary and an orange peel for those festive feels.

A bottle of Renegade Gin 70cl is available online for £37.50

Shake, Rattle and Roll recipe

35ml Renegade Gin
Lots of Ice
Regular Indian Tonic Water
Garnish – Sprig of Rosemary
Option – Twist of orange peel

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