Breakfasting at great heights: Aqua Shard

Shard breakfast2

In a bid to avoid intense January blues, breakfast at The Shard (or rather ‘Aqua Shard’) was penned into my diary for an end of the month treat.

Breakfast runs from 8 till 10.30 there, so anticipating a bit of cloud and a need for a lie in, I bagged a 10am table for two by the window. I’m a bit of a no-fuss, no ponce kind of Northern girl, so I did worry it would be silver service and I’d look a plonker in my Saturday best, but I’d been desperate to see the view. The service was top notch; coat taken, attention to detail, plates of food that looked like works of art. Not too pretty to scoff. Not too poncy to feel awkward. I went for eggs and smoked salmon with a giant cafetiere of coffee, while my date for the morning didn’t muck about and had The Shard’s full English (biggest sausage I’ve ever seen).

It wasn’t too pricey considering we were far from a greasy spoon.  Breakfast is your cheapest meal of the day there and between us it was 40 quid plus a nice tip. Worth it really as once that cloud sodded off, the view did not disappoint. I could see as far as Alexandra Palace, which is near Crouch End home for me. Picked out the London Eye, BT tower, Borough Market, the new Google offices, St Paul’s & pondered what the Queen was having on her toast. Could even see out whilst having a posh pee (only in the men’s, I’m told). I don’t know what it is about us humans, but we bloody love a good view.

I recommend trying out breakfast at The Shard check them out here:

Written by Kate Eaton