Browhaus Lash Extensions Review.

I once swore I’d never get lash extensions. I just didn’t see the point. I have long lashes, albeit mostly blonde ones so unless I add mascara or get them tinted you can’t see them. Despite this, when I was asked to visit Browhaus Holborn for a complimentary eyelash extension to review for the site. How could I say no?

Numerous friends of mine have talked about the benefits of individual eyelash extensions and have regular treatments. After visiting on the Holborn store on the 5th January 2019, I have now seen the light and have been converted to the wonders that are individual lash extensions.

Browhaus recommend a patch test prior to any treatments, so after that a couple of weeks before my appointment I was ready to go. The treatment lasted about an hour and half and started with a quick consultation about what lashes I would like. Wispy, Cat-eye or natural. It was recommended I have wispy lashes with a variety of lengths, 9, 10, and 11s. As this was my first time, I was happy to listen to my therapist, Luchie’s advice. She was so sweet and happily talked me through what the treatment involved and then got to work. I seriously fell asleep during the hour and half I was on the bed getting the extensions. It was very relaxing and I woke up with a new set of lashes.

These are my lashes below. I still can’t get over the difference and the amount of compliments I have had the last two weeks have inflated my ego immensely.

So the benefits I discovered in the first two weeks of having these new lashes include:

They feels completely weightless and natural. I forget that I have them on and then I look in the mirror and I’m like wow, my lashes look amazing. Second, it saves me so much time in the morning as I’ve been able to forgo makeup as I almost feel like I have a full face on already. When I do wear makeup, I haven’t had to put a ton of mascara on and then had to tidy up my face when I inadvertently stab myself in the eye or end up with it smeared on my face. You can see it already makes my lashes look fuller and longer.

In regards to after care, fake lashes can last about 3-6 weeks depending on how well you care for them. No oil based face cleansers, no eyeliner and brushing the lashes regularly. All pretty easy steps to follow. Two weeks in and I think my lashes still look great. Only a few have fallen out. This is completely natural as your own lashes fall out regularly as well.

This is definitely a treatment I will get again, especially before a holiday as they’ve made my life so much easier. I would however get my natural lashes tinted first next time.

Browhaus has a number of different stores around London and the UK so visit to find your closest venue to you. Top tip though, the new Islington branch is currently running 15% off all treatments until the end of January. This will be automatically applied to all bookings at the Islington branch throughout January. What are you waiting for, go spoil yourself with gorgeous lashes this year. The treatment starts at only £58 and is totally worth it.

Written by Tegan LeBon