Casamigos Add Mezcal To Their House Of Friends!

Last Tuesday we visited The Bloomsbury Club Bar for a Casamigos Mezcal masterclass! You know we’re fans of Casamigos Tequila so now it’s certainly time to learn about their newest product!

If you remember Casamigos Tequila was created by George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. Their Mezcal is made  in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico and is crafted from 100% Espadin agaves. 

Well George and Rande reckon there’s nothing like Casamigos Mezcal on the market. They believe it’s “uniquely smooth, easy to drink and smoked to perfection.” We happen to agree with them! We also love the gorgeous hand crafted bottle – each one is individually made, meaning no two are the same.

Available in Joven (or Blanco), Casamigos Mezcal is balanced and elegant with hints of tamarind, pomegranate, banana and mango. Fresh herbal mint aromas, dried oregano and thyme lend character to the mezcal. The delicate tones of smoke, hints of licorice and mineral nuances lead to a long silky finish. Traditionally this agave spirit is slow-sipped at room temperature from clay shot bowls called copitas. We enjoyed it over ice and it certainly is the smoothest Mezcal I’ve tried.

How is Casamigo’s Mezcal made? Well the ‘traditional  production takes place in small palenques or “meeting places.” The maguey piñas are taken there and the artisanal process of mezcal production is brought to life. After harvest, the piñas are split and laid to cook for 4-6 days in six-ton earthen pits lined with volcanic rocks heated by a slow burning oak wood fire. Once cooked, the piñas are cooled for 24 hours before the crushing process begins. The agave is crushed, one ton at a time by a horse-drawn tahona wheel. Depending on the season the mezcal ferments for 2-8 days before being distilled in covered copper pot stills. Casamigos Mezcal is twice- distilled and allowed to stabilize for 30 days before mountain spring water is added to finalize the mezcal. As with Casamigos Tequila, before going into the bottle, each batch is tasted and approved by Clooney and Gerber, to ensure the highest quality’. 

We’ve included some delicious Casamigos Mezcal cocktails below, so you’ll be tempted to add this unique spirit to your liquor cabinet.

Casa Flor de Jamaica

•35ml Casamigos Mezcal

•20ml Homemade Hibiscus Syrup

•15ml Lemon Juice

•Top with Rose English Sparkling Wine (Greyfriars Rose)

Served in a coupe, garnished with dried hibiscus

Casa Oaxaca

•35ml Casamigos Mezcal

•15ml 30&40 Aperitif de Normandie

•3 dashes Chocolate Bitters

Served in a rocks glass with block of ice, garnished with dried apple and chocolate

Casamigos Mezcal is now available in 750ml for an average MSRP of $59.99(USD) and will also be available in 1L across the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and expanding worldwide.

For more information please visit

social media @casamigos.

ENJOY RESPONSIBLY Imported by Casamigos Spirits Company, Manhasset, NY, Casamigos Mezcal, 40% Alc./Vol.


Tegan LeBon