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How to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When faced with a dilemma your body knows just what to do. It’s the perfect design. And when we supply sufficient nutrients we see a highly complex machine working beautifully. We see great skin bright More »

How to survive your day job

HOW TO FIND AND EXPOSE SNAKES IN YOUR OFFICE There’s at least one snake in every office. The promiscuous climber, the cynical wash-up, the long-serving intern- or anyone else trying to climb the greasy ladder.  More »

Notting Hill Carnival in Pics

With summer supposedly officially over, we revisit our highlights from the Notting Hill Carnival! Can you spot yourself?

The Power and Simplicity of a Hug

When going through a hard time I’m sure everyone would agree on the amazing power and simplicity of someone giving you a hug. There have been some moments of despair in my life where there More »

Basicz Street Dance for Beginners

For anyone interested in learning to dance to hip hop then this is definitely the place to go. Where a lot of dance classes are full of ‘cool’ and stylish people who stand around pouting More »