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James Bond

Vol 8: Brumbridge offers input on the new James Bond song!

I learned the recording artist was a chap called Sam Smith, a person unfamiliar to me, and worryingly, sounding like a misbehaving young boy from a 1950’s boarding school.

Bestival 2015: A Festival with The Dance Off: Day 2 Fresh as a Daisy Duke

After waking up feeling a million dollars, checking out the whole site and even participating in some invigorating yoga I was ready to be sister Ass-Pan and join my hillbilly daughters, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers More »

Bestival 2015: A Festival with The Dance Off – Day 1 Initiation

My name is Aspen and I am a festival virgin. Well actually that’s a total lie. I WAS a festival virgin. This year that all changed as I ended up living the festie life at a More »

2 Grams

I couldn’t believe it, the shame. I was just sat in the toilet minding me own business having a tinkle when they started knocking on the door telling me to get out. I say, “I’m More »

The Break Up Moving House in London Story: High Barnet to Finsbury Park

About a month ago my loving 3-years-and-change relationship ended. She left our shared flat, and after a few weeks I too would return to a house share. For the first week after the breakup first More »