Celebrate Mother’s Day the right way with Kopparberg’s array of tasty tipples

Treat gin lovers this Mother’s Day to the ultimate fruit-flavoured drinks to add to their drinks cabinet. As well as their much-loved cider, Kopparberg now boasts four flavoured gins, set to delight any mum on her special day: Passionfruit & Orange, Strawberry & Lime and Mixed Fruit. For cider enthusiasts, Kopparberg’s Cherry Cider is sure to keep the celebrations going. The ultimate tasty treat to take drinkers from daytime to evening with its sweet cherry flavour and hints of apple, it is the ideal drink to share with a loved one. Keep the excitement going and pop a bottle of Kopparberg’s Rose Cider, its vibrant fruity flavours making the perfect accompaniment to a home-cooked meal.

Passionfruit & Orange, Mixed Fruit and Strawberry & Lime Gin 

●     Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange, Mixed Fruit and Strawberry & Lime gin are available for £20 for a 70cl bottle at Asda stores.

●        ABV of Kopparberg gin is 37.5%

Cherry Cider

●        Kopparberg Cherry cider is available for £2.20 per can at Tesco stores.

●        ABV of Kopparberg Cherry cider not more than 4.0%

Rose Cider

●        Kopparberg Rose cider is available for £2.20 per can at Sainsbury’s stores.

●        ABV of Kopparberg Rose cider not more than 4.0%

●     Kopparberg mixed fruit and strawberry & lime gin and cherry cider are available at selected Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s stores.