Check Out OFFBLAK Tea At Balance Fest This Weekend

This week, OFFBLAK officially landed in the UK to re-define the tea category and shake things up. Made with the finest ingredients and no artificial flavours or colours, OFFBLAK cuts out the B.S. to make you feel great inside and out.

Forget the old, predictable flavours that have dominated our shelves for years; instead awaken your taste buds by sipping Strawberry and Pink Pepper or unleash your inner zing with Spicy Orange and Ginger. Looking as bold as it tastes, with the help of talented London-based artist Thomas Hedger we’ve created bright and unconventional packaging.

OFFBLAK will have a stand at the festival where consumers will be able to sample the various flavours of tea and ask any burning questions. The team will also be taking sign-ups for free samples because OFFBLAK believe in trying before you buy. Breaking from tradition in an age where digital rules and we no longer have time to dwell in the aisles, OFFBLAK has consumers covered. The product is only available to purchase online, and customers can try before they buy – a revolutionary way to experience tea.

OFFBLAK is a bold and bright brand so festival goers can look out for their illuminating pink stand, dedicated to the ‘Fully Charged’ expressions of their tea –  the go-to collection to feel invincible in whatever you do whether its kick-starting your day or complementing your workouts.