Cinnamon Kitchen: Review

Cinnamon Kitchen

Last night I was lucky enough to enjoy some fine dining at Cinnamon Kitchen in Devonshire Square. After a hard day at work, a friend and I were definitely looking forward to some delicious food. Upon entering the Square I was in awe of the little alfresco dining space they have situated outside the restaurant. I could picture myself having after work cocktails in this setting with friends before exploring the wonders of London at night.

When arriving inside the entrance, we were shown into Anise (the adjoining cocktail bar) where we enjoyed a lovely Hoxton Gin and Malibu based cocktail. If anyone knows anything about Australians, you’d know we love a good Happy Hour and here at Anise, they had two cocktails for 10 pounds. #winning. So of course, I was a very happy girl as I sat sipping a cocktail that made me feel like I was on a tropical beach rather than in a bar in the middle of London.

After finishing our cocktails, we were shown our seats in the main restaurant and provided with leather bound menus. It was lovely to see a range of gluten free and vegetarian options on the menu. For an appetiser I opted for the Pahadi Tikka – tandoori chicken breast with fennel and coriander and my friend opted for the vegetarian option, Bombay Spiced Vegetables with Cumin Pao. While waiting for our appetisers to arrive, we were treated to some complimentary tapas and a range of naan bread and chutneys. Our appetisers shortly arrived and both of us were impressed with flavours. My friend declared the pomegranate seeds in her Bombay Spiced Vegetables with Cumin Pao were a welcome and nice surprise addition to the dish.

Cinnamon Kitchen

For our mains, we ordered a Trio of Mushrooms, Mushroom Spinach Curry, Filled Portobello, and stir fried mushroom and Grilled African Prawns with Coconut and Lemon Grass. Sides of vegetables and lentils were also ordered to complement our dinners. While my friend enjoyed her vegetarian meal, she did find some of the spices in the Spinach Curry to be a strange combination. Another Australian trait, is that I do love my prawns so I was excited to try some Wild African Prawns and after eating them I can definitely say I was not disappointed. The Coconut and Lemon Grass complimented the seafood so well, that I was even tempted to order a second helping of the dish. This is one of the more expensive items on the menu, however, if you chose to order it, you won’t regret it.

Cinnamon KitchenCinnamon Kitchen

At this stage of the meal, I was beginning to feel quite full and the bottle of wine (Sainte Mare – Rose) we ordered had begun working its magic. Yet, as they say there is always room for dessert. I chose the Sorbet, while my friend selected the Spiced Pistachio Cake with Lime Sorbet Again we were not disappointed with our choices, despite wanting to sample everything on the dessert menu. Tea and coffee are available or if you are feeling a bit more fancy as we were, Cinnamon Kitchen’s signature Coffee Martini.

Cinnamon Kitchen

Overall we had an extremely pleasant dining experience, not only because of the quality of the food but because of the friendliness of the staff. The manager informed us Cinnamon Kitchen had been open for seven years, Cinnamon Club for 15 years and Cinnamon Soho for three years. Each restaurant varying in style, Cinnamon Club is fancier, Cinnamon Soho is more trendier and Cinnamon Kitchen more casual. I found Cinnamon Kitchen to have the feel of a fancy restaurant, yet the warmth of a more casual dining setting. Whenever I read reviews, they always discuss about the ‘ambience’ of the bar or restaurant so it feels cliché writing this, however, it needs to be said. The ambience of both Anise and Cinnamon Kitchen was wonderful. Staff were friendly and attentive to all customers and not in that way that felt forced. So whether it’s for an after work drinks session, a delicious meal, first date, or family occasion, you’d be hard pressed to find a more enchanting place to enjoy a night out than at Cinnamon Kitchen. They even have function packages available for the Rugby World Cup or Christmas.

Head down to Cinnamon Kitchen you won’t regret it! Details below:

Cinnamon Kitchen
9 Devonshire Square

By Tegan Lebon