Dayrooms Cafe WC1 Review

The Dayrooms-48  Due to its popularity, Dayrooms Cafe has now opened a new venue in Holborn. This Australian inspired cafe has been a big hit in Notting Hill and it is easy to see why. Dayrooms Cafe WC1 have done a great job in assessing what the region needs. The new Holborn venue in provides more of a quick bite and/or coffee environment. This is exactly the style that suits this frantic business district.

The Dayrooms-68

Onin London was fortunate enough to sample what Dayrooms Cafe WC1 has to offer. The new venue delivers some unique alternatives to the classic brunch menu. One of my favourites was the croissant stuffed with a chef’s special for the day. I was fortunate to sample a croissant filled with salmon, dill, pickle and cream cheese. But you cannot go past the salted caramel brownie. This dish provides an indulgent brownie topped with a delicious salty caramel sauce. Dayrooms Cafe WC1 has many wholesome brunch/lunch options. Their menu offers a fantastic alternative to the current eateries in the region.

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OZONE coffee are the roasters that supply both Dayrooms Cafe venues. Their wonderful coffee beans contribute to the well-balanced coffee they deliver. Knowing the area well, Holborn has many coffee venues. But Dayrooms Cafe will become the popular choice for coffee and a quick bite to eat.

Dayrooms Cafe is now across the road from my office on Theobald’s Rd. I will recommend Dayrooms to my work colleagues and I know where I will be having my lunch today. Delicious food and coffee in a homely setting with staff that provide a caring smile.



10 Theobald’s Road




Written by Daniel Brodie