Coffee Island


With it being National Coffee Week, lots of people are celebrating by flocking to their favourite haunts to enjoy what has become a staple of modern British culture. In fact, coffee is now so popular that it is replacing traditional favourite tea in UK households!

If you are looking for more than just a cup of coffee, but more of a coffee experience to really celebrate this occasion in style, all roads lead down to Coffee Island in Covent Garden.

Being self-proclaimed “coffee nerds” who originated all across the Mediterranean, they really do know their every grain and specialise in the diverse fine art of coffee brewing, and coffee designing to suit your individual tastes.

Coffee Island is the latest coffee phenomenon, who are the self-proclaimed ‘coffee nerds’ who specialise in the diverse fine art of coffee brewing, and coffee designing to suit your individual tastebuds. They also have an initiative in place called The Microfarm Project, which means Coffee Island searches and reserves microlots of limited edition single origin specialty coffee from small, carefully selected farms. The full-time residents, yet single origin coffees are: El Salvador Vista Hermosa, Ethiopia Sidama Ardi, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere, Brazil Ametista, and Colombia Huila. Each of them offers a distinctive taste, aroma and mouthfeel, making your coffee experience one of a kind. Sustainability, customisation and unique products are the core of Coffee Island’s philosophy.

Not only does the customer gets to drink superb coffees but the farmers and farming communities’ work and living conditions are improved by the partnership through Direct Trade.

Direct Trade means that Coffee Island are supporting farmers in the protection and improvement of the soil, water, and of each local microclimate and consistent coffee purchases at fair trade rates, increases the income of farmers and improves the quality of the coffee yield coffee.

So this week is the perfect week for all you coffee connoisseurs to have the opportunity to create your own unique blend, which you can either grind yourself at home, or grind it in the shop. However, it is not only the in-store experience that makes this coffee so special.

I went down there on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, to be greeted by the bubbly head barista Joao, and the fun and passionate Manager Arrun. Who asked me to select the notes which I liked, as well as indicate how strong I like my coffee, after which you watch them mix the perfect blend from these huge hanging dispensers, a bit like you get in a candy store.

I went for one which is mild flavoured (I am a lightweight) with floral, chocolate and nutty notes as I am fancy huh. It smelt wonderful, even before I had it grinned there and then by Joao. What’s a visit to this phenomenon without trying out the coffee? So I ordered a froffy cappuccino with almond milk, it was smooth and silky – just how I like it.

The other thing which makes Coffee Island so special is that they serve up the most delicious light snacks, cakes and sandwiches. All freshly prepared, they accompany your hot beverage perfectly, this eat as you have a cup of coffee is a culture we seem to have developed unlike in other countries where people just have coffee on its own. I personally have a very bad habit of needing to have a snack with my cup of tea or coffee, and this is the perfect excuse to eat a whole packet of Oreo’s just because you are having a cup of tea, anybody else relates?

Coffee Island is perfect destination to celebrate and embrace National Coffee Week, or just have lunch in with some friends over a coffee, as well as go on a date with a fellow coffee-loving love interest.


5 Upper St Martin’s Lane

Written by Marsha Derevianko