To celebrate the launch of Cold Brew Coffee Nights with Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer this autumn, coffee expert Celeste Wong shares the trends to watch and how the perceptions of our favourite beverages are changing. From Dalgona coffee to everyone’s favourite martini, coffee has been one of the nation’s best loved drinks for decades. This autumn, Guinness, following the launch of the innovative Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer, is teaming up with coffee aficionado Celeste Wong to reveal the next big trends in coffee and beer.

Cold Brew Coffee has become a key trend among younger coffee drinkers and is starting to be seen as a more premium alternative to traditional iced coffee; and now, it’s all about mixing it with beer.  

According to Celeste, who has gained a stellar reputation in the world of coffee through her years as a barista and industry leader: “The food and beverage industry is constantly experimenting with new flavour pairings and as a nation we are slowly becoming more open to unique creations. Every innovation, such as Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer, is creating a totally unique offering, opening up a new world of flavour and taking more drink variety into more occasions. We can expect to see much more of this style of innovation in the future.”

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer is a unique combination of coffee made by steeping the beans in cold water,  paired with the iconic rich and velvety notes of stout. 

Celeste adds: “The trend in cold brew or coffee drunk cold has been getting more popular over the last few years as travellers are being exposed to these trends in hotter places. People are more open minded and playful towards the way they drink coffee now than ever before.” 

Celeste’s Top Coffee Trends: 

  1. Nitro coffee has started a revolution for what’s possible with coffee & beer

Cold nitro-coffee is the hottest thing in coffee right now and is a huge hit among coffee lovers. What was once a technique beloved by passionate homebrewers in the early 2010s, is now one of coffee’s biggest and most inescapable trends. As Nitro coffee is thicker and less acidic than its regular counterpart, it makes for an exciting and more delicious way to enjoy your morning beverage. 

  1. The growth of coffee culture on social media 

Coffee culture has become huge on social media, with many people taking to Instagram to show off their aesthetic latte art and perfect pours: photogenic coffee posts on Instagram have risen 4500% since 2015. This boom on social media has led to unique twists and blends on our favourite morning beverage such as the Dalgona Whipped Coffee, and combining orange juice with a shot of espresso. 

  1. Move over martini, make way for a new coffee pairing 

The espresso martini is without a doubt one of the most popular martinis at the moment – coffee is known to bring out the best flavours when added to other foods and drinks, and the Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer is no exception. While coffee has always been seen as a morning day drink, and beer has owned the evening, post-work moment, both drinks have been pushing their boundaries for a while. The Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer facilitates this transition in a fun and relaxed way. 

Expert Celeste Wong adds: “With working-from-home now becoming the new normal, many are craving socialisation, connection and interaction. Both coffee and beer are casual, low maintenance beverages which are convenient and give us more time to enjoy our surroundings and be with our friends and family. Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer combines everything you love about coffee and beer into one drink – with a perfect balance of bitter and sweet caramel with roast coffee.”

Treat yourself to an afterwork pit-stop this October and try Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer for yourself at one of our Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Nights, where you can sample the serve and learn more about the latest innovations in coffee and beer. Led by a barista from one of your favourite local coffee shops and an expert beer sommelier, you can head in for a one-of-a-kind experience at one of the locations below:

Guinness will also be giving you the opportunity to sample its Cold Brew Coffee Beer at the Truman Brewery in London on 8th October, and at Broadmead in Bristol on 13th October. 

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