Colonsay Gin Bramble Liqueur.

Colonsay Gin, the premium artisan spirit produced by Wild Thyme Spirits. The company launched in 2017 and is the brainchild of couple Finlay and Eileen Geekie. After a year of crafting small batches and with the help of Scotland’s smallest distilleries, Strathearn, the couple brought the production home to Colonsay. Given the success of Colonsay Gin, Wild Thyme Spirits has now produced a Gin Bramble Liqueur.

As you already learnt here, Colonsay Gin draws from Scottish folklore. Their newest creation is based on the fact that Bramble Liqueur was inspired from the ancient Scots tradition of the ‘tree calendar’ in which the bramble vine represented the month of Muin (September) as this was when bramble fruits were gathered.

We definitely found Colonsay Bramble Liqueur the perfect September tipple. The full-bodied, rich liqueur had a delightfully sweet taste and the vibrant colour was simply gorgeous. At only 20% ABV, it was delicious served over ice. We also throughly enjoyed topping up our Prosecco with a shot. Though it was a Colonsay Bramble Gin Liqueur and Tonic, that was our favourite. It was a change up from the classic London Dry G&T.

Bottles cost £20.00 for a 50cl bottle.




Twitter: @ColonsayGin

Written by Tegan LeBon