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Coupette Launches Apples in a Can

“How do you like them apples?”  asks the bar-tender at Coupette, one of our all time favourite London cocktail joints. In the truly un-pretentious style of Coupette he’s not gloating, but asking us about the drink that we have just drained from our glass. Apples, one of their signature (and award-winning) drinks, is made up of the juice of 5 different apples, pressed, filtered and carbonated and mixed with Calvados apple brandy, did we mention Apples?

Apples at the bar

Sipping the light, summery and quite moorish drink in the laid-back environment of Coupette, everything feels easy. An easy-going bar-tender, talks us through the light, crisp contents of our easy-to drink glass as a talented musician softly croons her way through an easy-listening playlist whist tickling the ebony and ivory keys of her piano (she makes it look easy). If only it was as easy to recreate this scenario at home.

Apples at home

We’re not sure about you, but it’s not often we have juice made from 5 different apples lying around the house and even if we did, crafting them as expertly as Coupette does, would be out of the question. Lucky for us however, they have partnered with calvados experts Maison SASSY to create an Apples RTD can for us to enjoy at home, or anywhere you can open a can which is, well, anywhere.
The canned version is strangely darker then the bar version, possibly down to the process in getting the flavour profile just right. It is potentially slightly on the sweeter side but it totally retains it’s easy going, summery personality and is a great alternative to sip at home over ice.

We may not be able to recreate the ambience of Coupette (which we love) but dim the lights, put on a strokes album, close your eyes and sip and you’re almost there. Although not identical the can is pretty damn good and for £4.99 a can, it a little friendlier on the bank balance.

Where can I get me them Apples?

Apples in a can is available to purchase on the Coupette website or you head to the bar and have one expertly crafted for you.

Address: 423 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 0AN

Written by Nyla S.

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