Jameson has released a new expression of whisky, inspired by a classic whiskey cocktail, the Old Fashioned.

Jameson Orange combines the finest triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey with natural orange flavouring. The result is a deliciously smooth, zesty, subtly sweet and perfectly balanced expression, bottled at 30% ABV and bursting with flavour.

My dad is a big whisky fan so when I told him about this, he tried to convince me to send him the bottle in Australia. Unfortunately I couldn’t do this so instead I poured myself Jameson’s perfect serve. 

The experts recommend pouring over ice with lemonade and add a wedge of orange. The result promises to be a refreshing and irresistible cocktail. They weren’t wrong. 

From the moment I opened the bottle, I was hit with the delicious citrus scent. With lemonade, the Whisky was extremely refreshing and drinkable. A change up my from my usual go to drink for sure. 

Janice Snowden, Brand Ambassador for Irish Whiskey at Pernod Ricard UK, explains: “Jameson Orange is an exciting new release where we have experimented and created something extraordinary. It’s a new innovation that really is a first of its kind for the world of Jameson. Its concept is a simple one, with the aim of appealing to a growing audience of flavoured spirit fans and to open up Jameson to new people and new drinking occasions. It is a refreshing spirit drink that perfectly combines the smooth taste of triple distilled Jameson Irish whiskey with natural, zesty orange flavours derived from real oranges for a naturally refreshing taste. Jameson has always been known for a few key things: smooth taste, being accessible and approachable and easy drinking. With Jameson Orange, we are taking all these key elements to the next level, by bringing in wonderful natural orange flavours. We have created a drink and flavour that is enjoyable for everyone, not just whiskey drinkers.”

Distilled in Ireland’s Midleton Distillery, Jameson Orange is available to buy in the UK at Tesco now, on Amazon from 27th September, at Sainsbury’s from 24th October, and at Waitrose from 25th October.

Photo: Eoin Holland –