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GROUNDED, a new London based 100% natural food and drinks brand, step into the light this Veganuary with their plant-based protein m*Ilkshakes.
Made with coconuts, not cows and available in two flavours: m*lk chocolate and mint choc, each shake is crammed full of pure plant power. No nasties. Nothing artificial. Just real ingredients straight from the ground.

The shakes:
• 100% natural, using only real ingredients
• 20g of pure plant protein
• Dairy free and 100% vegan
• Paper-based, 100% recyclable 490ml carton
Each m*Ilkshake is gluten free, soya free, nut free and GMO free and delivers 20g of pure plant protein. Made with a unique blend of organic sunflower protein, fair trade cocoa and coconut cream, each carton contains less sugar than milk and 40% less sugar than most choc milk drinks*.
“At GROUNDED we’re all about cutting the cr*p. As a space synonymous with health and fitness, it’s mind boggling how many products sacrifice real, quality ingredients, for ‘too-good-to-be-true’ nutritional info. Especially at this time of the

year, there’s a real need for a clean, genuinely natural, plant-based option, so our m*lkshakes have come just at the right time.”.
Gabriel Bean, Founder.
“We know this is the most natural plant-based protein drink out there, we challenge you to find a better tasting one too.”
Bryn Ferris, Co-founder.
GROUNDED was born out of a desire to address the rubbish in the food & beverage space, and create genuinely natural drinks that quite simply ‘cut the cr*p,’ particularly focusing on using real ingredients straight from the ground.
What’s more, the innovative packaging is 100% recyclable and made out of sustainably sourced paperboard. This shift in packaging means each carton creates 41% less co2 than plastic bottles, and 75% less than glass bottles.

Available via the GROUNDED shop, RRP £2.99 per 490ml carton (
Find instore and online at Planet Organic.
Also available at Selfridges, Gymbox & Soho House.

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