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Dinner With The Twits Review

Dinner-at-the-Twits-Credit-Addie-Chinn.jpg-1-842x1024The biggest event is London at the moment has to be Dinner With The Twits presented by Les Enfants Terribles and ebp, in association with Bompas & Parr and Creature of London at The Vaults near Waterloo. Dinner With The Twits is running from the 4th of September until the 30th of October 2016.

I was luckily enough to get one of the few precious tickets to the press launch on the 7th of September for a cocktail reception with Mr and Mrs Twit as they renewed their wedding vowels.Twits_Tasing_18_Small_Image_NathanCeddia resize

Getting to try cocktails such as ‘Sting and Tonic’, ‘The Terrible Shrinks’, ‘Big Dead Tree and Sticky Glue Bellini’ and The Upside Down Monkey Circus was a real treat. We got to explore three of the rooms where the Dinner With The Twits experience takes place and were even offered some canapes. Now this is where my gross factor kicked in and I was put to the test. I was game enough to try the Sky Rodent Goujons or more commonly known as pigeon. It really does just take like chicken, however, I drew the line at Bloodied Hearts. My friend was 100x braver than I was and tried this but she said the thought of eating chicken hearts wasn’t a pleasant one.Mrs_Twits_Hearts_Credit_NathanCeddia resize

Bompas and Parr have really taken this new experience to the extreme and have wanted to push the boundaries of what people will eat, despite the gross factor attached to it. If you’re braver than me and willing to try the entire menu make sure you head out for Dinner With The Twits and experience it in all its gruesome glory. If you’re not, head down to the Upside Down Cavern for delicious and strong cocktails. It’s free entry for that and I’m sure you’ll get to meet some of the wacky and wonderful characters that Roald Dahl created in one of his finest masterpiece ‘The Twits’.


Reporter: Tegan LeBon

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Tickets priced at £80-£110 available from www.twitsdinner.com


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