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Divas On Demand presents The Emerging West Africa Event

What a phenomenal event!!! I would first like to thank everyone came to the event. I would like to thank our speakers, our volunteers and our audience for making the evening eventful and a true success. The event started with an ice breaker, this allowed everyone to introduce themselves to others they didn’t know, twice! Such a good way of getting to know who is your mist.  It literally broke the ice!

Our first speaker was Nana Ampofo from Songhai Advisory; a bespoke business intelligence consultancy which provides critical insight on market opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Songhai advisory specialises in strategic advisory services, due diligence, country risk analysis, market research and relationships management. They are defiantly the ones to go to when in doubt of your next step to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nana Ampofo

Up next we had the lovely Andrea Opoku. Andrea runs an independent marketing communications for professionals which offers marketing and branding consultancy. Andrea was previously a managing director/marketing consultation for GreenBean and writes regular for publications including GUBA magazine, Tunza Spirit magazine and Law digest.

Andrea Opoku


Michael Amanning from Invest in Africa also came to share his knowledge on what we should do spending our money on. Michael is a advisor for Invest in Africa, he gave a talk on better ways to work in Africa, he gave us logistics on the fastest growing economies in Africa, he shared with us the challenges when investing and the benefits of investing.



Our last speaker Rolake Akinkugbe is a Gas and Oil researcher at Eco Bank. She was phenomenal, she gave us first hand insight into the Gas and Oil industry and encouraged the audience to not only find innovative ways around the sector but to come up with little things, current ideas but be creative with it. Rolake mentioned the effects of infrastructure in West Africa and using natural resources to our advantage.



Our superb panellist came shortly after. These are personable, humanitarian people like you and I that have gone to Africa and taken that leap of faith……… Who were Alice Ukoko, Cliff Poku and Noreen Makosewe. 

There was also inspirational poetry by Nathaniel Naye. His work shows his passion and talent. He had the crowd going and shared some thought provoking poetry.

A special to our sponsors, media sponsors and partners Charlie Eassmon of Your Excellence Health Services, Colourful Radio, Daniel Asante of Invest in Ghana and our partners The Lovely Notebook, Arhinamah Luxury, Pristine Exterior, A ban against neglect (NGO in Ghana), Shekina home (Charity), Linda Smith (TNBT Magazine), Proud to Be African, On in London and Rich Visions. We thank to our special guests Eryca Freemantle, Susan Popoola (Conning Towers), Tola Onigbanjo (Women4Africa), Dee Dee (Arise Magazine), Priscilla Nwikpo (BenTV), Dentaa (GUBA), Jaxx (Colourful Radio) and Leah Williams (Divas On Demand Reality show star). Winnie Oudemans God bless you. What an amazing Host!!!

By Lexy  Boahene

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