2 years of Blogging…


It would appear that I have been blogging as OneDad3Girls for 2 years. What a journey it has been.

Has anything changed? Well not really, no extra children, no new house but in that time Aly has  started school, Mia has started pre-school and well I’ve just grown older.

Over the course of the two years we’ve had some amazing opportunities and been allowed to represent so many great companies such as Butlins, Premier Inn, Morphy Richards, Playmobil and  many others. This is a very small part of why I write this blog and it’s mostly to keep an online diary for us to look about at and relive the amazing things the girls have done.

The girls themselves are changing so quickly and developing into amazing and individual girls, ones that make me proud on a daily basis. From Mia being potty trained within a day. Aly excelling at school and taking it all in her stride.

Aly has been through a lot as a little one with eye operations but still keeps battling on and nothing seems to stop her. Mia I will always feel protective of after what happened so early on in her little life. She has such a cheeky humour.

Along the way I’ve met some amazing people and owe so much to TheBoyandMe who is a superstar. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Jenny Paulin, Fiona from CoombeMill, MeandTheTiny3, DiaryoftheDad and so many more (sorry if I’ve missed you out). I have made more friends through blogging and tweeting that I ever have during real life.

Blogging has gotten me into The Independent when at BritMums and just recently along with DadWhoBlogs, DiaryoftheDad and FloydUK we have started up the LoveAllDads Podcast which is proving to be a lot of fun.

Looking back I’ve posted over 900 times most of which is probably we waffling on or just drivel. Over 5,000 comments for which I am very very grateful.

So what does the next 12 months hold?…well you’ll just have to wait and see.

Darren Coleshill