‘Down to a Sunless Sea’ Immersive Book Launch

Prepare for a book launch like no other on the 28th September, with the Immersive book launch of Maartens Lourens’ ‘Down to a Sunless Sea’. There will be the usual offering of delicious drinks and canapés, with an added touch of theatre, as guests delve into a realm where the lines between fact and fiction are blurred, where A.I. technology collides with traditional literature to bring a fresh take on language and creative thinking.

In a book, which is the first of its kind, the author has used artificial intelligence to provide the machines with the ability to generate text to fit in with the novel, creating entirely new vocabulary, which is scattered throughout the book. Trousers have been replaced with pardangers, wristwatches with fashangles, and a large part of the story is set around The Eggplant – a rundown Gherkin tower in a dystopian City of London.

The story follows Blake, full time pretentious hipster and an aspiring high society fashion designer, waking up after a night out in Shoreditch that he can only half-remember. As the evening wears on Blake, through the haze of a hangover, he must decide who is his friend and who is foe in the race against time to follow Lady Helen’s command; but is he ready to learn the truth?

The launch will give guests a deeper understanding of this intriguing story and the amazing technology that has been used to create it. Come ready to be fully immersed in an evening that is set to be full of surprises!

Hackney House
27 Curtain Road

Tickets available via Eventbrite, click here.

Facebook Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/502205303465297

Written by Jordan Crowley