Easy Social Cocktail Co

Easy social cocktail co. has launched fuss- free canned cocktails and we were lucky enough to be sent some to review. They were created by 3 east London friends Nate, Imie and Hebe during the 2020 lockdowns. Due to not being able to work in award-winning venues in the upmarket and fancy bar world due to the lockdowns, they sought relief from the culture of over-engineered cocktails and stuffy service where style replaces substance.

“Sharing a drink with friends should just be easy, fun and hassle free,” says Nate Brown, Creative Director at Easy social cocktail co and short- listed for Bartender of the Year 2021. “So you don’t need to add anything to ours, just pull them from an icebox and go! And please, don’t forget to recycle or up-cycle our cans. We are responsible together for the small steps that create big changes for a happier planet.”

The canned cocktails retail at £5 per 150ml can and don’t let the small size fool you! These really do pack a punch. The canned cocktail range is perfect for your fridge, coat pocket or desk draw. The flavours include Peach for the Stars Cosmopolitan (17.5% ABV east London made vodka, peach, orange liqueur, cranberry); Takes Two to Mango Margarita – all the joy of mango with all the fun of a margarita (17.5% ABV with 100% blue agave tequila) and Apple- ly Ever After Whiskey Highball (15% ABV bourbon whiskey, with apple liqueurs and sparkling water).

My housemate and I absolutely loved this cocktail range, with her declaring them some of the best ones we had been sent this year. Our favourite was definitely the Peach For The Stars Cosmopolitan. The peachy take on the classic drink was a game changer for sure! We can’t wait to see if they come up with other delicious flavours in the future.

Cocktails available £10 per twin pack and £30 for a six pack at what are you waiting for? We can now meet in groups of six so get purchasing!

Tegan LeBon